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You mentioned the Los Angeles chargers being a potential fit for Brady. Now we've gotten official word from Adam. Schefter reported on Monday that Philip rivers and his team have mutually agreed to part ways. which sounds a little like win? Paltry Chris. Martin broke up. I have long been a rivers defender. But he's coming off of one of the worst seasons of his career. Do you think he's likely to keep playing while we were talking about Brady and where he goes. And some of those possibilities exist for Philip rivers as well. I mean if you talk about Tennessee if they decide to go. The established veteran route short-term route rather than committing to Ryan Tannehill which is a possibility talk about Tampa Bay. If they decide they don't Wanna go go. All in on a contract or franchise tag for Jameis Winston. You know you're dropping from thirty interceptions to twenty so incremental improvement is good you go from Winston to rivers. I mean would would Belgium do it right if Brady left talking to people Miami at the Super Bowl like there are some people expressing a little bit of doubt like you know is a really going going to be a Philip rivers market. I mean he's thirty eight. He's coming off a bad year he doesn't bring what Brady brings in terms of cachet and in terms of championship experienced. Certainly but so it is easy going to have to go somewhere and fight for a job. He has what is nine kids. You know he he's he's been at this a long time I think he's gotta find find a situation where he's very very comfortable right now with his opportunity and that means opportunity to play and opportunity to win a championship. which is the one thing that you know is missing from his record? Drew brees unlike. Tom Brady and Philip. Rivers is coming off of a very good season. Though statistics I mentioned for Brady where he's been middling drew brees ranked ranked in the top three in all of them pass rating quarterback rating adjusted net yards per attempt. Why would he retire would just be if he decided he'd had enough? I mean that happens opens right. I mean that's just get home to your family. Look around and say you know maybe I just don't want to crank this back up again. Maybe I mean there's a lot of work goes into preparing for an NFL season. And I'm getting through it and certainly he knows this he's going to be forty one years old. I mean I. It's all over the map. It's a different situation though in that there's nowhere else he's going to go. Drew brees leave the retire tire or play for the saints that he's not going to go out and take himself out on the free agent market. He's made that clear in his public statements and he made it clear two years ago when he had the opportunity to do it and and did not when other teams were calling and expressing interest and he said no thanks. I'm staying in New Orleans. The last time he was a free agent. But I think there's only two possible outcomes there and I think they're both possible. I just don't know which way he's leaning 'cause. I'm not at the breeze dinner table. Well the saints are very good team right. I think that's it is it's it's sort of. They should be good next year. I think there are in amongst the favorites to you. Know make it to the superbowl next season. Let's say drew brees does retire. What do you think.

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