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And as we are entering into a modern era. I'm interested to know the connection between two large institutions as they go into a new age that is less open to christianity on a government state. Level this podcast sponsored. By better help. It is no secret that this past year on all of us. Have you noticed that there is something does interfering with your happiness for preventing you wrenching. Goals wants you to sort of living a happy life today. A better helpful. Assess your needs and match with your licensed therapists and you can start. Communicating and under forty eight hours is not a crisis line. it's not self help is professional therapy done securely online. I started my therapy. Last december has been life changing. It's been life-giving and i cannot recommend enough. We know that taking steps to talk with their skill overwhelming time. So better help makes it as approachable as possible. You can log into your account anytime and send a message to your therapists. You'll get timely and stop responses. Plus you can schedule weekly sessions so you'll never have to sit in uncomfortable. Waiting room like what. Traditional therapy better help is also committed to finding great therapy matches so they can make it free and easy to change their best if it is more affordable than traditional therapy and financial aid is available visit better health dot com slash bible. Binge that's better h lp and join the over one million people who take charge of their mental health with the help of experience professional as a special offer for bob windless. Get ten percents off your first month at better health dot com slash by the bench. Now back to the show okay. So now let's move into our second section. The red thread board. We're going to get intense and weird and as a warning we will be talking about the existence of sex the realities of political marriage in the sixteenth century as well as infant loss. So if that is not something that serves you at this time you might want to skip ahead in the section. We're going to look at three. Red threads. How henry the eighth simultaneously fixed and ruined everything bringing a monarchy hitched to the church of the twenty first century and the importance of institution in society. And why they can be problematic. So let's get this thread number one. How henry the eighth simultaneously fixed and ruined everything hitter the eighth until he was ten years old he was generally accepted that henry would go into the clergy. As most second born royal or royle adjacent sons were often want to do. But when henry's brother prince. Arthur died young. Henry immediately moved up in the line of succession and the course of his entire life as well as pretty much. The entire world change drastically now. Henry was kind of confusing dude. He seemed to be extremely pious. He was a devoted catholic. He was a weirdly fine husband when he wasn't actively murdering his wives and by fine i mean. He gave his wife's jewelry and large tracts of land named movie and like pet names for them. Which if you're wondering is apparently a high bar for biblical marriage in the fifteen hundreds so just briefly. I want to take a short jaunt into the world of renaissance monarchy's. We'll look at someone today. Like prince william who had for the most part pretty much carte blanche and his choice of catherine middleton us speech acquaint. They had a love match. They seem to get along really well. William is for the most part the first real air in british history whose choice of spouse was not a matter of national security. Even his father's generation had to marry within certain bounds of societal rules. He didn't have to marry someone. Based on their alliances with the vatican or helpful ally with an expensive army wasn't basin diplomacy or the need for an air marriage between royalty really up until prince william got married was a political strategy. If this king married the daughter of this duke or prince it would sure piece sometimes and aid also sometimes a large dowry with which to finance wars and houses and land grabs sometimes and an air again subtypes. While there were love matches between royals it was often just a function of affairs for domestic. So this one. I just described as the climate around which henry married his brother's widow catherine of aragon a match. He was generally in favor of. She was a good bit older than he was in. It's speculated that he had a little crush on her as a boy at the beginning because of diplomatic events in fact really that means king henry father had already spent most of her dowry catherine was used as a pawn between her home country and her adopted country and when ponds no longer service. They're easy to throw out. So back to henry pious devoted to religion but also needs a son like big time. He still young enough to remember the civil war. His father lead against the your family and no one in england has any desire to deal with the crisis of the succession and the national fallout. That includes he's also you know in mrs at least two that we know of for certain not including amblin or jane seymour. Vinci became his wives and up to thirteen. He also really loved to murder people who disagreed with him. And this is an important note so he can do all of this because he claimed the divine right of king. Meaning god predestined henry. To be king because he was king no matter what he did he did it. Within god's will and it was morally and spiritually correct because he was king. Only god was sovereign above henry but henry was also a good catholic so he often deferred the pope so henry needs a son and he becomes convinced that god is punishing him and catherine with stillborn babies and miscarriages a soul living daughter because they are living in said the sin. Henry is convinced he's committing incest due to the fact that he's married to his brother's wife says no but katherine says her marriage to arthur was never consummated. Now fun fact. Even though arthur boldly proclaimed the morning after their wedding that he had quote spent the night in spain which was probably just a teenage boy trying to look sexually accomplished. Before catherine and henry were married the pope actually created something called a papal bull which is an important piece of paper that assured everyone got is very cool with this marriage. Please proceed this. Papal bull was enormously helpful for henry and catherine to get married and it proved a huge roadblock for their future annulment now this annoyed henry greatly but it comforted catherine as she felt like. It was god's will for her to be queen and henry but henry was not the kind of guy to sit back and just take pope clements refusal to grant an annulment lying down there. A dense and confusing set of acts of parliament. He broke england away from the pope's authority and gave it to himself. As the supreme head on earth of the church of england the king it now really answered to no one. But god helpfully for henry before his official break with rome. He had convinced the pope to install his theo. Bro a man named thomas. Grand murked beat the archbishop of canterbury and now was the second highest spiritual leader in england. He declared catherine and henry's marriage. Invalid their daughter. Illegitimate and signed that forced papers clearing the way for henry to mary and blend catherine's title was replaced by one that identified her as princess. Dowager and she was moved to the country separated from her daughter mary until her death which is a huge jerk. Move by henry okay. But it wasn't just marital convenience that spurred on the reformation in england while the catholic church at this time did many good and holy things on a local level like caring for the poor much of the leadership could be bribed or bent to rulers political. Well depending on the amount of gold or protection they would be willing to offer doesn't sound familiar. Indulgences were rampant. The pope exercise deprima authority often less religious purposes more for selfish purposes. And many did not dig on this including a guy in germany named martin luther now years before his appointment as archbishop of canterbury kramer was an ambassador in the roman court of the holy roman emperor. Charles the fifth catherine's nephew. During one of their progresses. They traveled through germany. Where crammer learned more about lutheranism which at that time was so heretical. It could get you burned at the stake but here is probably where the international climate and the needs of dynasty collided lutheranism was heretical at the time but it also provided the environment for the topic convenient reform henry needed to enact. His.

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