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The top stories from the come on twenty four seven news center former sheriff and congressman Dave Reichert has long been mentioned as a possible candidate for governor now the head of the state Republican Party does come was Charlie harder Reichardt is considering a run against Jay Inslee the election is fourteen months away and state party chairman Caleb Heilig says the race on the Republican side is starting to heat up so I have heard that the former congressman Dave Reichert is looking at it there's a couple others that are looking at it as well I think you there's no question that governor Ensley is vulnerable Reichardt is portrayed as a candidate who can appeal to moderates and conservatives on both sides of the state state senator Phil fortune auto in eastern Washington police chief have already filed to run as Republicans Charlie harder come o'neills in anticipation of hurricane Dorian hitting Florida the main blood center there is asking for your help it's a tough time for blood centers everywhere in the summer people are on vacation or may not remember to donate but with hurricane Dorian threatening the main blood agency in Florida put out a national call to help bolster their supplies the defense and with blood works northwest says may answered and said what they could spare now they need you to donate here the donors potential donors people who have maybe never donated to think about donating blood in the spirit of of helping those folks in Florida she says they sent Florida forty units of blood which isn't a lot compared to the three hundred thousand units they use a year but friends and says donations from other agencies around the US should help Romero comma news United Airlines is again delaying the earliest possible return of its grounded Boeing seven thirty seven MAX jets the airline has removed the Max from its schedule until December nineteenth six weeks longer than previously planned United fourteen Max jet to been grounded since March after the second of two crashes that killed three hundred forty six people Boeing is working to fix flight control software implicated in both crashes the company expects to formally submit its changes to the Federal Aviation Administration in September coming up on Kamel Ryan Harris.

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