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Your lives so much because I feel like they the Catholic does open up more than they would in like an official capacity. Yeah, it's actually something I'm really proud of and I think that that's the whole Community we've been able to build with Laguna Beach, like people aren't nasty and disrespectful. So they know that or cast members know that when they join there might be some comments may come through but I really moderate it and some I'll never forget during the Jason live. I put I always put up like an ask questions. What question do you want me to ask some was like asking if Lawrence the one who got away, no not going to ask him that he's married with a kid, like literally that is like that. It's really personal song. Yeah. You don't want to like scare them off when this is like the best information. We're going to get from them for sure. Did you ever watch Newport Harbor dead? Did but I don't really remember it to be honest. I remember giving it a few episodes and being like this isn't Laguna Beach and just moving on. Yeah. Why do you think that like Newport Harbor or is it the fourth season of Laguna the third season of Laguna? Why do you think that those just didn't have the same success as season one and two jobs. It's actually funny because I asked Kendra and candy that question. They were on season 3 and they're both like it just wasn't good. They were like, we just did not mesh all together like they did the first two seasons and honestly, I don't hate season three, I think season three is fun. As long as you don't you're not like oh wait this isn't the same as one into and it's like correct. It's not it's it's something but I didn't think it was that bad and I agree watched it recently and I was like, it's really not terrible. I think everyone just missed Lauren and Steven and Kristen. So yeah, I think that's pretty cool..

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