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Hot dog not hotline got hung are you sure thought at okay at not hot dog okay go two thousand six hundred eighty submissions 2600 twenty reviewed delegates whittled the number down at seven hundred eighty three presentations granting long oral presentations to 71 entrance apples submission ultimately made its way to the top of the pile an impressive feat considering it was the company's inaugural showing it it's it's part of having those people employed at apple they want to publish they wanna win oil absolutely that's great also this is it's it's amazing how much collaboration that is going on between companies on ai because this is absolutely brand new stuff they don't there i don't i've never met a researcher who really believes that the computers will take over the world if we let them go too far but there is a but there there's a lot of xfactor going on and what's the going to be the best practices and so it's like ereli as like you're working on nitroglycerine an everybody in every labs competing with everybody else but everybody wants to make sure they don't blow themselves up and so the sharing a lot of information and a lot of thought so another uh another tim cooke revelation a thirty us community college systems will start to offer apples apt development with swift curriculum and the 2017 twenty eighteen year that's good news uh apple this is curriculum developed by apple by the way capital factory you stole my logo dahlia split screen of i don't own the gear but uh that's your looks a lot like mine it's a incubator.

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