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What are you expecting heading into this but first of all? I love the commitment by an insane. Oh well you know. Those thoughts are tempting so they could maybe possibly get out so tempting better. I'm not tempted. I'll tell you this much. I really do think that wanted to say I've looked better. Bruno Fernandes on the field. And I do think that they have taken a few steps forward. Let's not forget where this team was? And so the bar was very very low exceptionally low for men to say that and so anytime that they do something well it feels like. Hey we found something. There's no question that Bruna Fernandez is a good player. There's no question that they've looked better. But I can also tell you that if this is about the best versions of both teams There is no doubt that Manchester City is a team. That should we win in this game. Now the motivation for what is it. Well I'll tell you not. Only you say that rivalry not only say that. There is the fact that it's been uncomfortable for you. Play Against Manchester United. And so maybe if your pay what you're saying to your place you know what it's about it's about time that we'd really send a message to them to everybody. Manchester to ourselves that we've generated the sort of momentum that we want to continue to the end of the season so that we are this sort of team that could potentially win Champions League. Which is the goal that they have in mind and in order to do that matches. The city has to continue to play better. There's no doubt in my mind. I might a- city should go into Old Trafford. Should be the favorite and should win this for United Shaggy not just Bruno Fernandes. A Gallo has stepped up in contributed. Yes and took his goes.

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