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Or both clear and I liked her driver just sing a little bit of a delay this is going northbound just past the Stevenson with reports of a crash the traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighteen one of five point nine FM partly cloudy early this morning a low of sixty nine partly sunny later today hot and humid which hours of thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon a high of eighty seven but cooler along the lake partly cloudy tonight hot to middle of seventy two MRO Monday Sunday clouds hot humid I have ninety two with accurate the real feel temperatures and up to one hundred degrees seventy six said here is seventy seven in midway seventy two along the lake seventy three in buffalo Grove winds from the northeast WBBM news time twelve thirty nine Amazon prime day is almost here your chance to score massive savings on blank indoor and outdoor security cameras wherever you go this summer blink motion activated cameras keep an eye on your home and pads and the new blink sixty two two way talk feature lets you speak to whoever's there from scaring off a burglar to keeping an eye on your pads your stress free vacation starts with bling cameras Amazon prime day is coming soon score massive savings and blink cameras and systems go to Amazon dot com and search Blaine camera CBS news weekend roundup here's correspondent Steve Dorsey new details emerging about eight years old cold case murder in Washington now being linked to a Russian intelligence manipulation correspondent at Keith explains CBS news has confirmed a Russian disinformation campaign helped push a bogus theory that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign had paid to murder a Democratic National Committee staff police believe the victim twenty seven year old Seth rich was killed after an attempted robbery three years ago in Washington details of Russia's involvement are outlined in a new report by Michael is sick off of Yahoo news who spent a year investigating we found that Russian trolls in Saint Petersburg tweeted and re tweeted about suffrage more than two thousand times this story resonated with conservative commentators and Russian media Randy bomb shell in the murder of DNC staffers south ridge in the middle of the night and police have no leads and it.

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