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I don't like that. I don't want any reimagined world where they're not connecting. Now they don't got to be but I didn't like how it was become immortal enemies. And I was like, did Alonso approve it? Actually, I need to have some guest sneak peek stars from there. I would have loved if in school one of their teachers was like Hillary or Tatiana Ali, or of a fonzo or something like that. I think those would be amazing Easter eggs. But I did not like how Carlton wheel were not friends. It bothered me. A lot. A lot, a lot. Yes. And don't get me wrong, call to make my ass itch, run it up under the white people. Okay. I got some other stuff today. I talked about I'll save it for later. Oh. But I didn't like him and will not be in France. Also, Michael ealy playing his signature role home worker. What episode are we talking about that? And then next thing you know, he comes his ass. We were. I didn't know he was on this show. No. It was because we were watching another show. I was like, why am I destroying people homes? Sexually. Like, you never done an intentional life. It's not. You don't come in and kill them, but it's just like, he'll come and then he like flashes Bloodshot green eyes. And like, just destroy black households. I don't like that. Jesus. And then he being denial. I did hear come Yama crawl. Ain't nobody ask ya I'm a car to come to this art fest. It gonna tell Mike homework that fall back. Via now being Hillary. I'm a part. Also, I'm viv sister. Bitch, why did you stop painting? Because you was pregnant? Girl, if you think you're the first person to play, you need to go sit your ass down somewhere..

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