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It is ben ferguson show really nice to have you with us tonight heavy father's day to all those fathers out there including my dad and if you just joined us we're chatting tonight about an issue that is supposed to be all about emotion and i will say this i do think the democrats are scoring political points i wanna make that clear on this issue i think they're doing a great job of scoring political points liberals out there are saying that we are just flat out evil that we are terrible because we separate parents from their children at the border when we catch some coming across illegally and that we should be mortified that we are doing this this is an inhumane treatment that we should all be ashamed of ourselves that america is better than this and that this is evil republicans like donald trump and evil republicans like myself that are allowing this to happen in it's just wrong and we all know it and we should be better than this and we must stop treating people this way now i absolutely hate it i really do i absolutely hate that there are people in this country our excuse me people around the world that are willing to put their kids lives at risk coming into this country illegally and are willing to put themselves in a situation where they may be separated from their children i genuinely hate that i do i wish it never happened i wish that it never ever ever ever happened but they do and there are consequences for your actions and everybody knows that and everybody knows that there's a genuine chance that you might be separated from your child and there's a genuine chance that when you are separated from your child that they could be put in harm's way now it's the same exact thing that we do with people in this country who commit heinous crimes that are americans we separate you many times from your children we send you to prison no one should be shocked by that no one should be outraged by legal immigrants being treated the same way as american citizens when we do the same exact thing same thing to american citizens my point is he's illegal immigrants are not victims let me say that again these are legal immigrants are not victims we do this every day to our own citizens how can you be victim if every single day we do the same thing to our own citizens patriot mobile dot com phone lines are open i want to get your phone calls tonight one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three to.

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