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Parlay something, and then you can respond to it, but you could also go to facebook and maybe write something there on the page I'll see your post there. We're just call eight, eight, nine, four, one pags I call it can't log on. I feel like I brought it for the people. But but as usual I. Guess after a week's break, I thought it'd be nice for half a day. But if you haven't asked me yet, you have not asked me yet. I, I had to shut your face off during the show kept making faces at me. Face off your face off shut. Your face off is what I did. Kerr yesterday yesterday though. I appreciate the effort. Yes. Wow. Here it again. I mean, the music wasn't allowed enough. Okay Sam. Love at. Thank you are. Quick Break Rebecca this for your phone calls on the Joe Pags show stare. This is the Joe pags show..

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