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A little bit about that car. But the fairgrounds card is huge. And that'll be certainly a topic of our discussion coming up on on mondays. Recap show little sunshine. Millions day out at gulfstream park and of course the calcutt day and sort of sunshine stay. There's a couple there's like one raisin southern california that still under the sunshine millions banner but the the unusual heat turf classic one of One of many on a pretty decent card at santa anita this saturday so looking forward to watching that really excited to see The number six north country guy in this race for richard baltimore. Baltimore is off to a really cold. Start from a win percentage But he has ten second place finishes from thirty four starts. And you know to me. You know seasonal numbers and stuff like that. of course they're going to happen flow a little bit right like you're not gonna always be hot and this goes for our betting as well. I mean the. There's there's cold times there's hot times there's average times and you know i think a lot of people would maybe be apt to think about this is really co but in reality you know if three of those ten second place finishes turn into wins. I mean if some of them are just you know narrow head losses and they they go the other way then all of a sudden he's seventeen percent and nobody's talking about him being cold and so i. I don't look at it as a cold barn thing. I do think this horse is ripe for a performance. Coming off of running in the hollywood turf cup delmira's a mile and a half. I think the distance was probably a little more that he wanted. Some of the mild three eighths races he would make the lead and midstretch including the del mar handicap where he got close to making lead and would then get reeled in by red king. I mean those horses have just better than what. He's going to face today on saturday so i really think that one has kind of big shot. That was one particular horse that stood out to me very excited to see how the calcutta replays out. Because down on the rail you have an eight to five shot. Chosen veron for eric cruel. Jack was four for seven to kick off the santa anita. Meet obviously off to a fast start. This horse is almost like two prototypical for 'cause we see the situation come up a lot. Throughout the horse racing year sprint debut goes right to the front opens up big monster win ninety four at speed figure which you know for the most part towers over everybody else in the race You know good with people that number four horse put up a ninety two also going wire-to-wire and the reason i bring it up is because it's just you know you're going to have these times where debut big figure winners comeback. I mean that was against maidens and against state bread maids which is still against eight bread. So it's not like it's a crazy jump up in class but it is a jump up a class it's running it's winners and it's all these things that are not easy for a horse to overcome and.

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