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Stories now a ten year old park Earls recovering in the hospital after she was struck by speeding driver who left her in the in the road and drove away. Komo's Karakasidou's with more does lend did what many mothers would do. She dashed ten year old. Caitlyn Rogers in the most terrifying moment of her life. I just stayed there. Until the paramedics got there Saturday night around seven thirty young Caitlin was struck by speeding black. SUV in her parkland neighborhood, they seen a car come in. They try to get her out the road, but he was coming so fast. And he she was just riding her. Scooter Caitlin was lying in the streets. Seriously hurt with a broken, femur pelvis and arm. The driver was long gone. Where's the conscience of this person knowing that they hit, you know, a child been injured little girl her family and an entire neighborhood want to know who was the person who didn't stop. It's almost carrot consonance the fallout from the continuing trade battle with China could be a higher price when it comes to paying for orca cards as we get the explanation from komo's Lee stole you probably have one of these in your car in your wallet. If you are a commuter an orca card to get you on buses to trains and ferries as well. But the cars are actually made in China. And this is where there could be some issues with that increasing tariffs on Chinese goods means it will cost an extra forty eight cents to make each card. It now cost to forty to make. Cards compared to a dollar ninety two last year today aboard of local transit agencies is voting on a plan to take four hundred thousand dollars out of a contingency budget to cover that increase. That would be a big hit to the million dollar reserve the transit agencies need to buy seven hundred and fifty thousand new cards this year to keep up with demand. That again, komo's Lee stole reporting on that story, a Washington medical professional has become the first of his kind in the state to offer to Bank stem cells from an unexpected place. Komo's Brian Calvert has more surgeon. Todd Cooper knows that the research has paid off in that amazing things can be done with these specialty organisms stem cells are.

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