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We can't imagine what they're experiencing, you know, this is a very tragic time girl scouts executive Laurie Nolan working closely with the local troop and volunteers. Quartermaine in whatever way we can't twenty one year old Colton through remains in custody after turning himself in hours after the pickup. He was driving struck. The scout troop authorities say he was impaired when the collision happened and he's expected to be charged with four counts of homicide while driving intoxicated. Al shock WC. Oh, the girls who died were identified as nine year old Janet Kelly and to ten year olds autumn Halgason and Haley Hickel thirty two year old Sarah Schneider, also died. She is the mother of Haley Hickel two corrections officers are recovering after being injured during an assault at the faribault prison. According to the Minnesota department of corrections the assault happened Sunday at six pm, the two officers injured in the assault were taken to a hospital treated, and then released DOT says the offender who was responsible was placed into restrictive housing that prisoners still on lockdown. What is going on? Yeah. There's been a rash of injuries to corrections. Officers administer Minnesota prisons this year, which has resulted in the deaths of two of those officers a whirlwind day for candidates just today to go before the election. DFL bus pulled up here on Plymouth avenue in north Minneapolis. A short time ago with candidates being met with rousing applause among them. Keith Ellison was running in what's been a very contentious race for attorney general against his challenger, Doug ward long. Ellison was asked if he has any regrets life is.

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