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Tigers the. Pre-game with Andy maser at eleven. Thirty five first pitch at twelve ten with Ed farmer and Darren Jackson here on seven, twenty and other sports the bears beat. The Kansas City Chiefs. Yesterday in preseason football twenty-seven twenty and the cubs. Will host the Cincinnati Reds at Wrigley later this afternoon and now checking WGN traffic no real delays at the moment just some closures in effect. To remind you about south side to splaine's closed from Roosevelt a Harrison for the, Maxwell, street market also keep in mind southbound lake shore drive closed for the Chicago triathlon that's going. On in buck town. Lyndale closed from western to Levitt for the. Town arts festival that is through tonight also on the northwest side. Humbled boulevard closed both ways from. Bloomingdale to Armitage for the Logan square food trucks social that's until four tomorrow morning and. In Skokie oakton closed from Laremy to Niles center for scope he's back lot bash that's until. Two tomorrow morning and grant park Columbus closed from Roosevelt Tobel belbow for the try Athlon as well that's until seven tonight Columbus also close from Randolph north water until noon and lower Wacker closed from congress to lakeshore. Until eleven twenty upper Wacker is still open there and the exit ramp at Randolph northbound is closed for that triathlon until four today as well for personalized traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app approved. By the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search t. r. a. f. f. I x., Chicago the forecast from the WGN Chicago. Weather center today partly. Cloudy a stray shower or thunderstorm possible out there. High of ninety three the humidity still sticking around to tonight scattered thunderstorms early then partly cloudy after midnight low of seventy six and tomorrow partly. Cloudy skies still humid a stray shower or thunderstorm also possible high of ninety two, seventy, four degrees at O'Hare seventy five at midway sixty nine in Glen ellyn downtown along the lakefront. Seventy five degrees I'm. Don clapping in the WGN newsroom ready to. Join the conversation whenever a story changes on Chicago's Very own seven twenty WGN.

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