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Okay. I started again only gave me three seconds. But i gotta get this tool. Because i got a fabulous fighting episode. Two two for one episode of who failed. Wanna get them by the wetter. Any other given by princess irene who in big contrary and She owns the game. Show dischord and the oil boy bullying and not being nice to people. Running rampant running amok does enough. These politicians than the irs is not helping. But let's start with the heat. And i ain't get the play. The pressure of defending champion hoping we can do a champion versus champion one because like see physically had this humidity everything over eighty over the high eighties and high ninety. My buddy arm bell of dawn and eighty one or eighty to like eighty six eighty seven with the humidity. And tomorrow going to be worse. It's going to be like eighty five eighty six. I mean this is ridiculous to go to a rubel. Churches like ours. I hate the things when when it law an hour and everything like that. Because i was done for today i was like louis. Duffle is high email with the air conditioner in with. The air is overpowering and a fan at overpowering. Well if people could be bully. Don't gonna letter so What's champ for me or transition me to Princess just lots of place To princess irene. Who is a Princess was the princess Citizen i can't tell straight. This is what i get for being in the heathrow long anyway so i mean was saying. Don't join the twenty five server. This is in discord. By the way i have nothing against the guy but i was really offended and left the No real action was taken to stop the bully at at at hand. Which i n. I n i n. I'm butchering the name. So i'm just gonna say i am. I'm wondering the name Him server is called the twenty fly all because a woman while she princess Arenas the woman. I said i was attacked with is clearly wrong and offended to join bad. Today i will offer to join back today and will only annoy. Thank you and the strange thing about it is. I've been reading the tweet before i got. Also overheated n laid on taty. Come to Fact is a member of the twenty five and so we got to citizens on the thing off title title. Ep and the thing server would just the twenty fly but she feels like unwelcome just like in the exact dream. He felt like he was done. Welcome in the holy spirit helped him Well if you missed a data drain. And i didn't put it on youtube because the youtube papa was a dental racism free speech issues but it is a who pass who failed so this is definitely who passed without. But if you want to hear stash stream The one that. I did an interpretation for the he wanted me to talk about it on the program. I did you could go to escape too. Big d country dot com escaped to big d country dot com. And you'll see That strain now. I didn't put the work on the drain. Because will you would definitely found in. My channel will be gone seconds. Well maybe not louis second. But you know i had. I had the way of fighting back. Because i'm just one and you know i'm out of popular show yet but Wow sorry that you had to build through that. I mean i mean either discrimination going around here and also let me tell you. This was combination in e w where women are not getting a fair shake. The women's division is not getting a fair shake. And w and so. I was just found out at twitter by another vessel fan because of the deal with tnt day was only allowed. One women's mass during the whole dynamite. One woman mac threatened all dies the rest of the guys. I mean that is so despicable so wrong. You think i am is a is a secret leader of tnt and t. I'm glad i don't watch that channel. Oh my god so anyway. It don't get a full. Maybe one two or three women's magic the'data evolution or eight dr and sometimes you might find the talia makovich The people champ in a e w dark. And we're just so wrong. They should get the usually more women matches and darken evolution. Then on t t and tnt dynamite. They don't they don't wanna show mormon woman they want more men at least in the wwe. They have a lot of women. Division matches like smackdown raw or Even at ten x t. That's what i wanted to say and paul. Tnt how the hell are you discriminated against. What and. I'm glad you brought this up princess irene. Thank you for putting this up on up for me because tnt also Fail does in. Its ran because they're discriminating against women and dynamite. Part can only have one win the match everything that'd be all is well for two to three hours. Dhabi all guys fight you other and we will miss back to have a women's match finding one why we haven't seen the people sign. She been three matches but it all been on. Aws dark and then i ring offered to offer to come back to the twenty five deaths like that as a member of twenty-five but she clearly annoyed and she's devastated does the twenty first century. This is the twenty first century. We have women leaders we have women at congresswoman in city hall..

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