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The news, Jennifer Wayne and me. Around Coachella could be postponed a third time next fall. They should put it at Disneyland. You'll never see that it'll never be. Oh, I mean, it's not funny in terms of dynamic impact. But you know what I mean Something like Coachella's has to be the very last kind of thing that comes back just because of its funny I mean, it's not even like a Hollywood Bowl concert, which is what $18,000 that place is full. You're talking over a quarter. Million people over the course of a Coachella that's over two weeks, so I mean, they're Stickley. Maybe 100,000 people crammed together at 1.1 place. I went to AA desert trip or desert Storm or whatever the hell that was with trip. Yeah, I knew that. And it was. I have never been so jammed with so many people in my life. I mean, it was just crazy and lives people so you can imagine, And these air you know fairly young people except the one I went to rolling stones, etcetera, a lot of young people there, but it was It was a lot of close contact a lot of breathing on each other. Especially everybody was so high. You don't even have to take a puff. Just Took a sniff of the person next to you, and you're already high. All right. Last night in Westwood, you had Armenians gather in the street took over a big part of West Hollywood on then. Now we understand that Armenians from Los Angeles are going Tio R are traveling to Washington, D C today and this is all part of the protest against aggression by Azerbaijan..

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