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But generally as i'm sure you you know you're gonna bring up is into divisional rivals don't necessarily trade not necessarily but you know you still wanna make your team better and right. I don't think trading merrill kelly something that the d-box you're going to the day they traded merrill. I think they could do that. Still get a solid piece back from a very deep padre system and if anything the padres would be like dat. We traded this young guy who who ended up being studied for them. So they could do that. I think they try to avoid injury division. But if you have to you have to do it. I think this next guy. I watch too much of him. This year i was brought in mike minor coming in i was too and i really thought we were gonna see something and the skills have still been there for the most part this year but he has a five forty five. Era and part of it. I mean he's allowed. The most earned runs in baseball and been home runs. That have really done a one point. Four rate has been terrible. You look at underlying skills like why are you so terrible. He has a four twenty-five sierra which is perfectly useful. But as far as one point two runs higher and i look at somebody who was wildly inconsistent seemingly from start to start inning to inning his arsenal fails or succeeds for him and he just has not been able to find his footing. And now we're going on a second year of this fifty six and two thirds last year same type of deal for twenty sierra five six era. What's going on with mike minor and is it just something where his inconsistency and the fact that his home runs are the big damage on him. Make it so that he has this wide. Era and sierra or whatever era indicator of your choice he has this wide gap is that is on. His promise is just home runs or is there more to it with minor. Minor is just frustrating on so many levels We saw kind of in in the spring that he was at ninety to ninety four now this year ninety and change and sometimes ninety one really hovering ninety one not the same with that fast. Just not nearly as good of a pitch now. There have been times when he does succeed in season. And when that happens it's because he's able to go around the edges with fastballs and then get his change slider working for strikes but you know compared to last year Thirty six percents w on his changeup last season for minor twenty-seven percent this year is taking a major step back inside the zone. He's tried to really too much on getting chases outside the zone without pitch and it's he just doesn't have a good strike getting offering now. Nothing's above thirty five percent in his secondary's while he needs then third too many vassals in the zone he gets hammered with it. And it's just not a fun site at the moment. I think there are moments that minor can do well. But if i'm looking for potential guys to trust on for august september. Mike minors not. I think this ends up. Being a fit would be teams. That need not somebody that has to rely upon him as like not a savior. Somebody that they're going to need to go to every day. So i think it would be going back to looking at those teams that just needs some depth and they may be throw him in the pen when they stabilized so maybe the mets are fit here where they use him for a little while right now and then as they get their pieces back. He's been in the pen before and been great. So maybe they would say we're going to pivot you back into the bullpen. Once our guys are fully healthy. So i think it's going to be the teams that are just looking to improve around the edges. And maybe maybe that isn't giants fit. Then if we're talking about somebody who would be cheap not really cost anything and doesn't have to start. Maybe that's what they go for. Although i will say he has a nine million dollar contract for next year to pay that the giants have fixed some guys though exactly their home. Location is fixed guy. That could be really really interesting to see so that i liked that call out there and maybe they see something in him. Where like hey if we do this this and this we get him fixed. I don't know all right. We're we finally jumped down another level from kelley to minor. So we're in this this bottom tier now of against supplemental guys. But i think tyler anderson from pittsburgh could be another one of those guys that somebody gets and they don't have to necessarily go to them all the way but they need some innings to get to the finish line and he can be part of those innings. He's shown flashes this year at the beginning of the year. He was doing some things differently. That i thought were legitimate and i was pretty intrigued by him. Frankly i should have put above minor. His results have been markedly better But that's neither here nor there. He's also rental. You won't cost anything. Is the left tyler anderson. Somebody that you can see helping a playoff team at least get to the regular season finish line. Even if he's not necessarily a playoff piece for them sir. I i mean just just to put this out there. The reason we had minor above taylor anderson's because he showed a ceiling that anderson couldn't reach exactly the higher the better fastball in the spring. They just didn't show up and the season now so it's understandable that we would have minor head of him i but yeah i mean. Tell anderson toby that that's a useful thing in the real world when you have a one nineteen web. I i could. Yeah a lot of these teams that we've mentioned already The padres i. I can think of Bluejays could use another just someone that isn't anything and that's their back end just to get six regular even see the yankees getting him because they've had to turn to bullpen games every so often they don't want to go to michael king again tolerance. It would be helpful. And he's a guy that has a thirty two percents is w on that four seamer has a slider that comes in gets a good amount of strikes. You know zone about sixty one percent of the time of the seventy four percent strike rate. That's kind of crazy. Slider normally you see in the fifties or so if sometimes a sixty s seventy five is just as wild Changeup is in and out. There are times when that becomes the whiff pitch and a game more times than not. It's it's just kind of their randomly when that pitches working and he gets strikes with slider. And that establishes was fast. It's really really wanted to flouting. But that's about a coin. Flip if you're going to see that in a given start so there are some good aspects of tyler anderson. Put him with the right club. I mean you can have a nice run for them if they acquire the deadline looking at anderson. We'll say you know there. There's a little bit of a home road split because he does play blame. Pnc but i see a one twenty four wit a one point six whip on the road with actually a better strikeout right and it tells me that the five forty era might not be indicative of who he is sure. I went in the lean too heavily. It might be a symbol similarity to what you brought up with gibson where it happens that his two worst starts are on the road at atlanta and washington. It's not indicative that he's getting pummeled on the road. Every time out so don't make too much of that. I do think if he goes to a better team in fantasy that it would help him at least Get better winds potential. Because obviously seem way better than pittsburgh. So if you're chasing wins and you can afford four forty era type. If you're in a deeper league anderson would be a guy for you whereas you know something's other guys might have their era improve along with the wins You know like the whip is still can always good. Yeah it's already good so if you can even if you not the ra might not be so good and you need with and wins tile anderson..

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