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The stadiums of the least met about But the way that they were called, and it was three highlights of him. Broncos here it was Tony Dungy. Holy and Say what you got to say. The appetizer we gotta hear from Gary Kubiak. It's like mine. Goodness right, Like I get the recency bias. He wanted all the way there. I don't think I was there. I don't believe so. But it's like, what do we like, right, like four years are like the first thing I was telling stupid for, Like the 1st 30 years of Peyton Manning's courage doesn't don't exist in Indianapolis that never happened Wild and Drew Pearson is going to join us tomorrow. The newly Named Pro Football Hall of Famer, which is awesome, because last year we all recall that he thought he was going to get in and he goes. I can't believe they did me like that. And now this year he gets in those those shots. I could watch it all all day. Where you have David Baker, who is maybe the largest human being on the planet. And he is a jovial human being whenever my time is up on this world If I get met in heaven, don't you gotta kind and hopefully I go to heaven, Don't you kind of think David Baker is going to be the one that's creating you to have it. He doesn't even seem real. The Charles Woodson. Reaction was great, Alan Fan. Icka was awesome. All them they were wonderful. Calvin Johnson. That was ridiculous. How? How they did inform everybody. One thing I will ask. Get these guys knew that it was coming now pay to knew he was getting in. Do you think paid him was genuinely surprised. For example, Charles Woodson. They did some interview to try to set it up. And then he once David Baker shut up. It even took him about 25 seconds. Only I'm doing it. You guys were all in on this. The genuine surprise I thought was really neat. I like it to be like, so we didn't obviously didn't have the knock on the door. So it's you don't really know how it's gonna happen. Think it makes any honest, even better this year, the hotel you hear the knock. It's like I'm not trying to say that it takes away the excitement, but it's like you know.

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