Bill Stewart, Orange County, California discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Bill Stewart from the twenty four hour KFI newsroom nail shops in Orange County have asked the governor for evidence the first community spread of covert nineteen was and the nail salon pro nails association board member tam when says the governor's comment yesterday affects more than six thousand nail salons and more than thirty thousand nail technicians in southern California an industry that has built the Vietnamese American community in America over eighty percent of nail salons owned and operated by Vietnamese Americans and it is quite possible that twenty to thirty percent of our nail salons may not even reopened he says a four step safety protocol to make nail shops look more like banks is ready but the association will follow the governor's direction on when to reopen in garden Grove Corbin Carson KFI news Canada's double bubble plan could turn into a double trouble for some families and friends the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador has way to allow people to get together during the pandemic after being told to steer clear of others for weeks under the plan each household may join with one other household it's called double bubble both sides have to agree for better or worse to only bubble with the other and the decision is final but the double bubble is causing some trouble as families have to decide whether to choose a brother over a sister or a son over a daughter and risk offending others summer avoiding the family issue altogether and bubbling up with friends any king KFI news business is blooming for flower shops in California which have been allowed to re open at the start of the second stage of the state's plan to restart the economy this woman went to the California flower mall in downtown LA which has been shut down since mid March she tells KTLA things have been hard because our sons have not been able to see their grandmothers and other relatives in person the best we can do right now.

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