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Anywhere on the FOX ports at Ohio states, beaten, Michigan six straight times winner. This game wins the big ten east Michigan to win by a touchdown. It will be close. Jim Harbaugh has done. What I thought he would do which is take control of the big ten. I'll have thoughts on urban Meyer. There are some massive changes coming in college football for some of the biggest names, and we'll get to that next hour with Michael Vick. But now a decade and a half in the NFL Pro Bowl and a Super Bowl. His name is trend for the coward. Global satellite network. All right. Chicago's mad at me. Because I keep saying listen sometimes it is the coaching more than the players in. My eyes are telling me is that there's a lot of David Copperfield going on with Matt Nagy. I I mean, it is just MIR's allusion in what do you make on Chicago's offense? What do you make of it? It's good stuff. So I agree bills and whistles a lot of misdirection a lot of stuff do help. Mitch trubisky. Have success this stage of rare I'm mentioning talented yet. He's big strong as good arm. Accurate. Primary Seaver can extend plays. In fact, the line of scrimmage get yards. His athleticism moved the chains. What he's still remedial in his development as a quarterback. So Nagy a lot of pressure on himself and the other ten guys by moving them around and giving all these Frasier looks to help grace really haven't aged situations. Permits trubisky. I think it's the right way to coach young for back. You want? Quarterback to be a legend in his own mind. You think he's better than he really is the way you do that you get them cheap. Completions. Throw a lot of screens. You'll get your primary receiver open you create ways for him. So I don't think it's wrong to say the mischievous for product of Nagy system. But at the same time, it's gonna help speed up. Mitch rich mischievous he's learning curve. And and help them become a better player long-term. So Lamar Jackson. He's better than I thought he would be defeated kind of the same way. Like, I don't think he's sustainable that running. But I gotta tell you. It's got a little bit of a whip on him. He kind of moves around. The ravens did a nice job with with his game plan. Fantastic job. I mean to me, it's the it's the best backup or back that way you can have when you're stars hurt. And you can roll out a guy that you can put a whole new often out there for puts tremendous pressure on the defense hard to prepare for a lot of big plays in the running game is a sustainable. Heck, no. Running quarterback and times game in the NFL. Is this sustainable, let alone twenty seven. I watched every snap for that game. And I had anxiety watching. Toby for network. I mean, listen, he's Amar's. We're number eight better. I work. I am rooting hard..

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