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His wife and his parents. He's a great guy. Listen every time that i hear someone talking about eighty dollars and they always preface by great guy. We get high character average of football. He really is. And i just do not understand. And here's the problem with offensive coaches sometimes. Is they really value things that we're not going to be able to see that does do matter. Your understanding of the playbook your ability to articulate the plays in the huddle your your ability to understand on the fly how to move is and just the overall understanding of the offense that a guy like him. Who's been around the nfl for a while. Probably has their playbook down like the back of his hand has had it for five months ultimately though as a fan. Gm an owner. Whoever we're not going to be able to see that we're watching the bears play and he's running for his life and he's not able to add lip because he's not an ad player if the play is perfect which they used to be when he was with the bengals people forget when andy dalton has a couple of good years with the bengals that team was stacked whitworth like their offense line was elite. They had tied ends it. Sweet wide receivers. They have good running backs. Their defense was team was bloated and he was good. The bears office of lying stinks. Jason peters who got love him. When i first got to the nfl is like this is what an nfl player. Looks like absolute freak. One of the most talented players have ever seen. He's thirty nine like he's kind of over form. He's starting left tackle. They literally signed him like a week and a half ago. So i just. I just got an open minded and thought about playing justin fields or of copied. Kyle playbook playing both now. I had a friend in the in the league. Tell me he thinks he's like justin field. Probably play faster than you think. Because andy's not going to last and root for anyone to get injured but when you can't really scramble and you might have one of the worst offense lines in the league you're gonna get killed. You just need to play. the you know. The eighty five bears most teams in the league. Have several good offensive or defensive. Lineman so i it's just gonna be a difficult you know it's going to be tough for andy dalton it really is because no one wants to see him play. There's not a fan no human. I don't even care that much about the bears nagy too. I don't wanna watch any old. I watched the preseason game this year. I'm thinking like take out of the game. And then the fifth guy and this goes back to what i said about building. The team is mack. Jones is probably as equipped probably equally with trevor lawrence. Like he's ready right now. He understands the playbook understands his reads can audible can do all this impressive stuff. He is an intelligent player. Who got trained. Basically the equivalent of like harvard business school right with with saving so from a conceptual standpoint upstairs do is going to be nails but like he's probably ready to go in might give them the best chance to win it. They started in week one. But this goes back to widen. What the niners draft him at three like his skill set which does matter in. Can't be good like you probably can be a better version of kirk cousins. You just can't take that guy at three hell. I'd say historically you don't really take guy fifteen. But they did. He's in a great spot. They're pretty equipped for him to look good. He's.

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