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Couple of things for we get out the door here. John Nike chorus coming up top of the hour ten years ago James seltzer. Where're you ten years ago today, I was at the parade. There you go parade Datang packed full of beer. Pat burrow, leading the charge. I player down the down the way and the floats and what a day ten years ago was the Phillies pre ten years ago also today because it was that night. I remember was the debut of Elton brand with the Sixers and that didn't go quite though. Oh, wait as well. But it has come full circle with this gentleman. Also, real quick, you guys will be at chicken pizza Marlton. Tomorrow, the whole station six eight six P tomorrow Sout come on out and check Shakey's pizza. Fantastic. We'd be there tomorrow. I love it. Also, Tamar speaking. It's Marsha John Ritchie truly looking forward. We are talking to Phillies general manager McClintock Tamar. We got a lot to talk to Clinton about about how to construct this thing forward. We wanna see the Phillies. Be a great team. They were good for two thirds of the year. They were horrendous for a third of the year it netted out to basically an average baseball team eighty eighty two. How do the Phillies take the next moves sure? Signing players tiny easy. And that you just got to get them to say, yes, you put a whole bunch of money in front of them. What else? Do you do who do you target? How do you move these guys around? Do you prioritize defense does the batting order matter? Gabe, Kappler's public presentation after losses looking forward to talking to mclintock's about all of this. Clinton with us tomorrow at eleven A N B tuned for that. We look forward to hearing from the Phillies general manager on what's tomorrow will be two days before free. Agency begins have a great rest of the afternoon. John marks and nyc raise their out next Clint tomorrow, we'll talk to.

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