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Rebecca, your five eighteen Rick Lewis here, Kathy run to the bathroom. You know, how that is with her as she does. She makes it back before the show over. She's usually pretty quick quick. But frequent. We have this story. You probably heard already that Burton Ernie were apparently a gay couple this. According to one of the writers on the show again in Mark Saltzman joined the show in nineteen Eighty-four. And he's gay and said that he wrote Burton Ernie as a gay couple and then. Sesame street. They had a statement the people from Sesame Street, the head guy Gerrie Nel denied that. And said Burton, Ernie were just best friends and don't have a sexual orientation because their puppets. So they shot that down. Well, that's great. Now. What about all the other puppets? That are in relationships. I thought they were always brothers. You know, did you take? I I kind of suspected. But I don't have good Gaidar. I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it. But when I've heard people say that over these like, oh, okay. But miss piggy and realize miss beginning Kermit, it's all Jim Henson. But they're the Muppets and not necessarily Sesame Street. They were to believe they were in a relationship. Oh, yeah. Picking a frog. Oh, yeah. That seems harder to believe than to mail puppets. We yeah, they had definitely had sexual orientation. This piggy did for sure. Absolutely. Yeah. So when you when you see this when you read about it, do you think back on other TV shows and and think well, maybe like Gilligan was gay. How about the professor or the professor boasts definitely. But Gilligan go into seem kind of like a goofball skipper kept condoms, little buddy. That means something. How do you spell, buddy? I think the professor in in fact. There's been rumors. If you if you go it on the internet, there are stories out there about the professor might have been two gay guy on the on that show, the professor and Gillian are both gay and the professor because it wasn't socially acceptable. Couldn't go back into regular society. That's why he never fix a boat, but he made a million other inventions. That makes a lot of sense to me fact, gingers daughter talked about the professor she thought the professor was gay. She said my mom was constantly hitting on them on the show. And he was always putting her off and always had something else to do. It seemed oblivious to it really and ginger, of course, was the hot one on the show and the professor had no interest because he's always looking to build find a way to get off the island. He had no time for her. But she even brought it up. So maybe maybe the professor. Spongebob. Definitely either SpongeBob. Patrick one of those two. Patrick. Yeah. As best friend, the the starfish. Yeah. Probably. Never know with these writers, especially a show like SpongeBob squarepants. They're writing that really for adults. They definitely have some stuff in there. That's a little strange. Let's talk to Andy here. Andy how you doing man? Hey, good afternoon. Tea crew. Hey, how you doing good Wisconsin? Andy, I heard you say Wisconsin the other day on the air, Rick. And you said it properly union say it like I say. How did I say Wisconsin? Yes, you said you said the way you're supposed to say, how do you say you say, Colorado, Colorado ins? I'd say Colorado's ego. See Andy from Wisconsin knows what's up, you mispronounces, Wisconsin. Anyway. So what's your comment in regards to Ernie and Bert? I don't think they were gay at least when I was growing up watching it. I viewed it like kind of like Felix and Oscar from the odd couple. Yeah. I I lose guys supposedly we're both divorced the characters. But right Felix. It sure seemed like maybe he could have gone played for the other team. Oscar seems like a tougher sell Felix almost for sure either. But like I said, I don't have good Gaidar. But yeah, that would I didn't think we have enough info on Ernie and Bert like their child or anything. It was just two adults guys living together, we didn't know any other history other other than that. But there was a character that I questioned Mr. Rogers, and I know you talked about Mr. Rogers a little bit this morning. The mailman had an awfully weird name for a chill show mcfeely. Yeah. I don't know if you can have a mister mcfeely today. No way that flies network censors. Yeah. They wouldn't go for that today. Everybody. Mr. Rogers was gay. And apparently, he wasn't he. I'm right. Oh, the character of actual guy. Fred Rogers gougers. Yeah. The guy. The character the characters from Scooby doo, the always had Fred and Daphne go off alone together, then you always had Vilma. She was off by herself all the time and shaky and Scooby were off by themselves all the time, and they're always hungry shaggy getting stoned and Belva Avella. Was a lesbian that wouldn't surprise to many weeping. I'm I'm I'm thinking that was that was a crown breaking show away before Ellen or anyone else was out there. They had it all going on. And it looks like now Burton Ernie actually broke the ground, and it wasn't Ellen. No, the first gay character was Billy crystal's character on soap. Right. Oh, yeah. You're right. And that was like late seventies. You're right about that on soap. But Ernie and Bert were sixties in the late sixties into the seventies. Were they? Yes. I didn't know they were that they've been around that long. Okay. Thanks, Andy from Wisconsin. No problem. Right. We'll see you in the other question is does anybody really care? I don't know why this guy had to to come out with that in out Burton Ernie. Why does this guy want to out Burton earnings as a five year old? Yeah. Are you really noticing that the two grown puppets ler living together? Also, this guy started writing in Eighty-four Burton Ernie made their first appearance on the pilot in nineteen sixty nine. Okay. So Andy was right. So I don't know. It's not a nobody cares. Nobody cares overt. And they're making out then you're like, wait what what's going on? But who cares? What they do when they're buying close to us. Okay. Coming up next. Hopefully, Kathy gets back from the bathroom. And then we're going to meet a guy named Jake Shimabukuro. He is a virtuoso ukulele player in tours the world. He's amazing from Hawaii just played the Becher concert hall here last week in Denver. We'll get a chance to talk to him coming up next here. KOA NewsRadio the ride to rock Tober continues.

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