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The jim russell driving school and i've been coaching people my entire career in driving that's how you mentana that's yeah i met tanner doing bmw schools and about twenty years ago now but if you're in an industry for long enough you take it seriously what you do you getting over time very frustrated with all the things that seem to be stuck in the industry things that methodologies ways of thinking of students the way they treated people the amount of time they they gave them doing different exercises when you're trying to teach them how to drive and you realize just it was just a broken system and so i started researching like someone has got to have done a proper driving book that really takes in the psychology and physiology of a human being under a stressful situation stressful environment and trying to learn something that's really difficult it's not like you're learning something that doesn't have any risk involved driving very risky it's very at the very least very expensive to make a mistake and it can also hurt you and it can kill you so there's a different level of stress in learning how to drive a race car than there is with learning something else and so i i really wanted and i learned to really get to learn in that environment you had to make them calm and you had to see sort of what they needed next and a lot of the driver training that occurred didn't give them what they need at the right moment so a lot of people just washed out of the system and very few people i reached anywhere near their potential as a driver as they could and so i found out over many many years of sort of pattern and i developed a process of how to teach anybody and then once i realized that it was possible to teach anybody even the ones that the school they said they said the saying skip barber called b and b is what the instructors muttered to the to each other when they thought you weren't good at meant other sports beckon.

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