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And out from insects or killed each right where they stand right down to the either way you'll come out ahead in we will be on of luck get a free refill with what the home defence were rounded up with cover want only at the home depot more saving more doing that clinton's looks towards let me to discuss per customer iraqi forces say they have recaptured the mosque in most lower isis famously declared its caliphate three years ago taking control of the great mas cabal noory putting the government troops in control of the terrorist groups last fortification in most was old city and it has military analysts saying it means the iraqi forces are within two weeks of recapturing all of mozell isis leader abubakharov alba daddy stood in that much back in june of 2014 proclaiming himself leader of an islamic state covering much of iraq and syria at the time a minnesota woman's accused of shooting and killing her boy my friend outside their home in a youtube stump that went wrong mark mayfield reports mona lisa perez this charged with second degree manslaughter the pregnant nineteen year old is behind bars for monday night's deadly shooting of pedro ruis the third prosecutors say ruis held up a book and perez fired a gun un trying to see whether the bullet would go through during filming intended for youtube the 22yearold victim died from a gunshot wound to the chest and sony says it's getting those old records off the shelf actually the japanese electronics giant is going.

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