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Pretty sure it's arlo guthrie but i could be wrong i'm afraid to use my now i'm just doing it to old school are you looking anything just waiting for me to do it where do you go three right it's woody guthrie okay fine fine fine fine all right give me one more got gotta get out of here other things to do watch the news here's the cuban sounded tack which is kinda yeah you put that in the newsletter i'm very interested what the latest state department says that a diplomatic staffer in china has reported what it calls abnormal sensations of sound pressure it happened at the us consulate in the southern city of guangzhou the department says the symptoms were similar to a mild concussion the same unexplained ailment affected a number of americans in cuba last year find this peculiar and that again not reported on so it's kind of the same thing that was similar similar symptoms dizziness and disorientated pounding the noise that concussion results when you go to go to the doctor they think you have a concussion brain damage what's going on here simple kale treve they employed that tactic yes well they're not the only ones who are good at stuff but now we got gina running the cia so what true ondeck thank you very much for being here thank you troll room it's appreciated that really is and thank you to our artists forgot to mention no agenda our generator dot com.

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