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Game Designer Landry getting into altercations. With had nothing to do with me my at but. I just to be a guy who had to deal with opposition coming. So I always try to defuse oldest issues, but it led to running a lot faster than he probably would have. A Thought. Over through it and it dropped right into. The perfect spot man so I learned that day. Never questioned one andy's play cards and never think that you out though these signs. So. Funny because I'm a little jealous because back in the day on mad and I used to play with your cover athlete at once you really celebrated for being a revolutionary, the quarterback position when Baltimore there's another guy that's being celebrated in the more Jackson early on, you were able to identify him as a special player what about him makes him so special and Why were you able to see that beer really early when he was in college but I just fun to watch like you know when the mall coming into a game, you're going to get some things that you don't normally see that's worse foremost and watching him at Florida state game to happen to have a Saturday where accurate it's relaxed and watching college football. You know I caught Lamar Jackson because I've been hearing about how good he was and how dynamic plan here become saint them just dismantle Florida state and I'm like that's not easy to do you know this is one of the top tier teams in in college football and they just don't get ran through. By anyone. And I I had to go through extremes to make something happen against Florida state. Physically and mentally exhausted you going through their process and then he just made it look so easy and effortless. Just breeze through the defense and everything they call he like he was enjoying the play call like give me more give me more and then next thing you know the school like fifty two points and I'm like that's happening against Florida state like don't happen to Florida state man so. Instantly my mind and I'm thinking about what this guy's GonNa look like when he touched the NFL and I know what it's like to have. You know uncanny ability you know unlike some others where you can do different things. And he was able to make it look different and I just think that this was going to happen in the NFL and a couple of years accorded back. Then I'm not going to continue to say that you know I don't know why I said that he was better than me at the time but I felt it. You know, and now he's proven it and you know a thousand yards late at one season like early group, my records and everything he's proven that he's GonNa be one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. We had gone. We talked about it and you can even use the phrase actually hold on I. We have the tape because I want to roll the tape back. So you can hear what you said. You can say reference it a little bit. We roll the tape here. Let's roll the tape. What was your impression? The first time you saw him on the field yeah. I heard about the mall on. Several occasions and that was the first day I was actually in the House on a Saturday. Watson College football and I happen to Catch Louisville Florida state. And I could not believe what.

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