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I'm really shocked that he hasn't been offered a contract yet you know like we need a lab with kendrick we need to alternate too because when andy's in instead of george we need alternate moscow and bring up a verse right one which would we say we'll ryan would cabinet scheme give me the tough don't ask you kinski you go and decay okay or ak everybody i want to know where peace will show and i know what you think you're getting into your second amendment sacramento in our area let's not do that so lebron last night helped orchestrate a huge comeback over the toronto raptors cavalier shorthanded missing larry nance junior missing rodney hood they're missing kyle korver saidi osman and they were down big at the half they led up they allowed almost eighty points at the half bron james gets the cavs for the win thirty five point seventeen assist zero turnovers history and he is obviously linked to the lakers he is going to be there well he's not linked to lakers because that will be tampering of course of course the river could he will this team to victory the cavs the eastern conference championship victory to plan the fine was could he just do that you can just say you know what man been doing it for some street i'm gonna just do this i'm average thirty game seventeen i'm just going to us i mean good he who'd he yes yes do i think he's going to know.

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