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To discern the significance and consequences of this. Intelligence. He also provided on ground realty time intelligence driven guidance for the mission objectives of live classified operations. Recently. He and I, when we aren't on the radio had an interesting discussion about Vladimir. Putin. And it turns out that in his life and counterintelligence, Tony Hemery knows quite a bit about Vladimir Putin. So Tony Camry welcome to homeland security off the record. And just for starters, who is Vladimir Putin. Well, the reason I wanted to get into this, you know, this has come back to life. As a result of quote, unequivocal proof. The popular Russian opposition politician, Alexei Navalny. Was poisoned on August 20th. With a chemical called Nova Chalk, which means newcomer and Russian It belongs to a group of advanced nerve agents that were developed by the Soviet Union in the 19 seventies and 19 eighties. They were designed to be actually More toxic than other chemical weapons. Some versions begin to take effect within 30 seconds. That's certainly within two minutes. The only became ill on board a return flight from Siberia to Moscow and which all witnesses say all they remember him doing was drinking tea. Well, that's a familiar thing that we've heard before people who've been poisoned. The plane made an emergency landing in Omsk, but it wasn't until two days later that Russian officials allowed him to be airlifted to Germany. Where he remains in the coma in a Berlin hospital two days later. German doctors said their test concluded he had been poisoned. Eyes. Long term prospects and chances of making a full recovery are still unknown. Germany U K The United States also in the toxicology evidence is solid. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said he was a victim of attempted murder. Navalny came to international promise by leading growing nationwide protest in Russia. Running for office to advocate reforms against corruption in Russia, corruption by Putin and corruption by Putin's administration. They even called Putin's party place of quote crooks and thieves that air sucking the blood out of Russia. Now, This isn't the first time that poisons have been used to attack. Piled high profile critics are up the opponents of Putin, including politicians, intelligence officers and journalists. Kremlin, of course, as always devise involvement. Lieutenant. I was born. I have to read from an intelligence profile that we put together. It's not classified. It was more on October. 7th 1952 in Leningrad graduated from the law faculty of Belinda grants to university and was included was inducted into the KGB the same year. After training at the intelligence school and working at the first department of the Leningrad Regional KGB office. He was posted in 1984 to the eastern city of Dresden, Undercover of deputy director of the House of Friendship in Charge of management and Business Don tracks. Interestingly, there's nothing in intelligence or on the open source record, which would suggest he ever succeeded as a spy. Really? Yeah. Really, Um In fact, he was considered a lackluster back room spy. Um When Russian President Boris He also fired Sergei Passion as prime minister in August nights and 99. I believe it was You may have that wrong and installed Putin as his new point minister, in effect, anointing him as his heir. Ah, there was a shock wave the swept Russia and certainly raised many eyebrows in the world capitals among intelligence agencies. The reaction was pretty much nearly unanimous. The media and the political establishment derided Nielsen's choice. This was a man called Mr Nobody trying that Putin Mr Nobody's zero nonentity. And Errand boy the family's checklist. Yes, man who'd say it's nonsense, but I believe it is. Russian opposition parties on both the right and the left condemning Johnson's decision. Has a clear sign of agony by the regime. But Yeltsin, as usual, ignored his karpers. I have confidence in him, he solemnly declared. It took a while for the passions to subside before people started asking questions and earnest about the least known leader in the young history of Russia as a democracy. Um When the collapse of East Germany occurred. Putin was recalled the Leningrad in 1990 put in the KGB reserve assigned to his alma mater as an officer in college. Our officer in charge of international relations at a university, where he studied law. His Ah! He met his former professor Anatoly, some shock. It was running for mayor for the city, Leningrad. Putin actively supported sober Chocks election campaign and was subsequently rewarded with the promotion this time outside the KGB, which He left in 1991 with the rank of lieutenant colonel. New job of chairman of the Committee of Foreign Relations, and the mayor's office made him an influential figure in the city. And it was a long before he was promoted again. This time, a subject deputy In this capacity Putin performed remain in the shadows of his boss. But never little ask quickly made himself indispensable in managing municipal affairs. He continued to oversee the city's relations with full in countries promote commercial ties. He held, the Sobchak laid the foundation of the market economy. When some shock did not want to deal with the media, he said. Putin out who would Scrabble say nothing and pretty much scare everybody away, occasionally even shared readings of the city's administration. Subject brushed aside liberal critics reminded him of Putin's KGB past, saying he's not a KGB man is my pupil. Because Putin surprised the export import operations. He was at one point the subject of investigation by ST Petersburg legislators. He was accused of issuing export licenses on raw materials and non ferrous metals without proper authorization and a violation of the existing regulations. Questions were also raised about his licensing practices of the city's Considine O's. One of his closest associate. A police officer named Roman supposed Was later charged with criminal offenses for gross irregularities of manipulation of casino money. He escaped Russia and found refuge in the Czech Republic. Where he later mysteriously. Vanished or passed away. Let's say Another still unresolved issue affecting Putin's reputation is alleged involvement in the dubious privatization of the Baltic shipping line and the historian Top Drawer Hotel. Several members of the ST Petersburg City Council suggested that he resigned, but he refused. He was safe from further troubles thanks to the personal intervention of sub shot who in defiance of the legislators appointed him his first deputy. Following that episode, the committee for the Administration of City Property and several insurance funds form the joint stock venture, and the bank called the ST Peter's Brink. ST Petersburg Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Which was associated with the World Bank is a partner with the support of the Central bank President Viktor Gerashchenko. Putin's brought into the bank is a member of a super visibly counsel. We're coming up on a time frame. Let me know. We got about two minutes. Okay?.

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