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And also the NFL draft Zach actually getting senior bowl credentials this year. So we'll talk about that Zach but welcome to Finsider radio. Thank you for joining us here on this preview episode for one of the most exciting matchups in the NFL this weekend. I really appreciate you having me on I feel like this pod is going to be a lot more entertaining than the three hours. We're gonna spend watching the game on Sunday. Yes. So the over under right now for the Jaguars verse dolphin stands at thirty eight dolphins coming out with a seven seven record the Jaguars coming with the four and ten record. But we know both. Offenses. No, no greatest show on turf on this Erade stuff. It is probably you know, some of the worst offense you could possibly see an interesting enough. Adam gaze of as we all know as we've all talked on this show ofensive group, but not so much here with the Miami Dolphins both teams ranked towards the bottom of leagues in all categories. Cody Kessler your quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars Leonard for net. Dede Westbrook actually coming along pretty nicely though with Kessler at the helm as we head into this game. Can you just talk to us mainly about the Jacksonville offense where does the offense the and right now what kind of threat do they pose if any what can we expect from Leonard four net? We know he's kind of dropped off this season with injuries and production and and on and off the field. What's the general sense? We can get from the Jaguars offense or when they go. Dolphins defense. Are they going to light it up? I'm just struggling trying to think of like a weapon that they even have because if they had one I'm sure they'd tried use it, but the offense has been pretty anemic throughout the entire season. Other than the first couple of games of the year where they had things rolling their way. But Dede Westbrook. I mean, he's been playing mainly slot. But occasionally splits out wide, he's turned into probably one of the best separating route runners in the entire league really really fast people thought he'd coming and be deep threat, but they really polished him up in the short game. And honestly, I think that's Cody Kessler best friend 'cause I think he threw it past ten yards last week more than I think he did it twice. So that's just kind of his thing that he tries to keep things in the short game and try and create yards after the catch. And it doesn't help that the Jaguars left tackle, I believe is there on their fourth starter their second or third starter at left guard. Second starter at center, and then the two guys that actually are still starting on the line that we're the start the start of the year just really suck. So all in all it's been really really bad for this Jaguars offense injuries have heard quarterback play hurt at the end of the day. You know, everything right now is hurting this offense that the ender bet the under the under this upcoming weekend. Sack. Thanks for joining us. I know Jacksonville doesn't have chance of the playoffs. All call the dolphins. Chances a Wylie Coyote chance. Have the over under of thirty eight. But what we're all forgetting that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were real soft this year in their scheduled and schedule anybody from the state of Florida. So this defacto game between the Jacksonville Jaguars. And the Miami Dolphins is the battle for Florida. So everyone running into this game. But now, let's let's address the elephant in the room. Should the dolphins Jaguars? Just go ahead and have a coup may for a two quarterback. Because that's essentially what we're looking at. And have you had a chance to look at this quarterback class yet who do you like so far I have? And I think probably the most ready to play out the gate is Dwayne Haskins. And that's like weird to say considering this his first full year as starter a redshirt sophomore. Granted he is twenty one he's going to be turning twenty to believe the week after the draft. So he's a little older for kit. Seraing what class he's in?.

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