Razir, Terry Rozier, Eric Bledsoe discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


The decking railing lighting furniture fencing framing at treks we make the most in outdoor living because you deserve to get more from your life outdoors so why not start bringing your ideas to life now with the brand that's engineering what's next to learn more about all of the outdoor solutions treks has to offer or to find a local retailer or a certified treks project near you visit treks dot com that's t r e x dot com dr lebatardshow through god's disgusting stugatz yep these libertador show with as two guys on espn radio did you feel bad at all so we're waiting johnny knoxville now or philip john clapp junior his birth certificate says you feel bad at all for when a reason goes over twelve when razir goes over ten from three one hardened goes over eleven from three did you feel bad for any of those people not james harden i felt maybe for terry rozier because it was kind of a guy who was thrusted into that position and played very very well so i think he probably i didn't i didn't feel badly for him he exceeded expectations all the way through the playoffs james harden needs to do better i felt bad for all of them for all three of them really yeah how can you feel bad for james hearted got your season ends right there your season ends right there on your rosier this is your big moment you've been waiting your entire life right people to notice you you enjoy this playoff run because the playoff run was so generally stinky everywhere that her big controversy was terry rozier going after eric bledsoe right like that was that's the big head to head matchup we had in the east.

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