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Ryan welcome to the program. Thank you, David. It's great to have you a number of things that you like to think about it. And of course, you are the host of your own podcast, which we produce called in the know with Ballantyne so happy to have you with us you've discussed a lot of these subjects with others that you've interviewed. So it's fun having any of Mike. And center is I wanted to talk about family business. You are what a third or fourth generation business talk to us a little bit about the development of the business. You now are in. Thanks for having me. So Valentine on the third generation, Mike grandfather and his brothers started the company mid sixties. And now, my father and uncle owned a business. I work with my two brothers fun. On. What are the what are the things about family business operations that people might get wrong or not understand sort of the myths about it? I mean, you know, it's it's it's like network never ends. 'cause you think it's thanksgiving or Christmas year round your family, and you didn't really talk about work. But you know, rush it works because we we all get along. And there's a hierarchy of command here. My father uncle have the final say and everything but input. Input? Obviously is it encouraged, but there's not a lot of fighting because there wasn't hierarchy of command. And it's worth it's worked. Well for us. Obviously so years a long time. Yeah. Fifty years is a long time. And I was going to say that you have a clear path to leadership clearly defined goals. I've heard from some experts around family business that one of the most challenging elements is the lack of clarity about who reports to who. And also having the right people in the right positions because sometimes they're in the positions for the wrong reasons. So I know that comes up sounds like it's not at all issue for your family business.

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