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Sarah fox news the republican controlled house intelligence committee releases its final report on its investigation into the two thousand sixteen election there was poor judgment but no collusion during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign that's the finding of the house intelligence committee and it's two hundred fifty three pages heavily redacted report which says there's no evidence associates of president trump were involved in the theft wore publication of hacked clinton campaign emails although they did have numerous ill contact with wikileaks the committee also found the clinton campaign did pay for research that led to the steele dossier democrats on the panel dispute the findings in a statement ranking member adam schiff said republicans chose not to seriously investigate evidence of collusion fox's rachel sutherland in washington the man suspected of being the golden state killer has its first quarter appearance in sacramento county california joseph james the angelo did not enter a plea for the nineteen seventy eight murderers of a couple the seventy two year old was tracked using dna website he's being held in a sacrament anna county jail and is reportedly on suicide watch after the story sit down between north korean leader kim jong un and south korean leader moon jae in president trump saying he looks forward to meeting with kim setting up a meeting things have changed very radically from a few months ago you know the name calling and a lot of other things resident with the comments during a news conference with german chancellor angela merkel the meeting with the president and kim jong unexpected in the next few weeks white house record shell former veterans affairs secretary nominee mani jackson was involved in three accidents involving government vehicles in the last five years but none involved the use of alcohol and he was not found at fault the records also show the white house medical unit jackson rant successfully passed regular controlled substance audits fox news.

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