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Today's episode is brought to you by one of my beaver companies on the planet i am so excited for this partnership four sigmatic if you follow me on my in the story which if you're not what are you doing with your life you know all day long i'm sibbon on my mushroom coffee i'm sip on my lion's mane and i am loving my rishi mushroom elixir and the reason i am so obsessed with four sigmatic is that i used to have adrenal fatigue and it was not okay i couldn't get out of bed i was exhausted i couldn't get work done and i was depleted as an entrepreneur my brain was toast i was also overtraining was wasn't eating enough and my body just pretty much shut down and from that day i realized that i had to heal naturally and now that's why one of my biggest passions is brain health and making sure that you have sustained energy all day from a really good source not just a crappy coffee that is going to have you be super hyper and then crash in bern that's not good for your blood sugar and if you want to be a successful entrepreneur let me i'll let you in on a little secret okay okay get close get close okay you cannot run a large successful happy business unless you feel good and unless you have energy were the crater you are the coach you are the c o your energy in your brain health is everything and i learned that the hard way from burning out and thanks to products like four sigmatic i now feel alive.

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