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In the new building near the football field. Four four eight nine two two seven zero three look coming up in a little bit. We've got a number of young entrepreneurs you're coming in here. Young gifted black in hustling righteously. And so, you know, I'm trying to get your mind into certain place tomorrow, we're going to be so, you know, you never know how your blessing on the com-. I just put on Facebook earlier today. If you sell insurance, call me and hit me up and so tomorrow, we're going to be talking about insurance of every kind. And guys when people come in tomorrow about insurance. And. And so I already got my team coming tomorrow. So if I hang call you then me now use you another time. Facebook is a magical. You can just ask for things about fifty people in boxes. Texas. I just got off the phone Patricia Forshaw communist represent eighty different companies. So I'm gonna get you some insurance demar live insurance health all kinds of show. But today, we're gonna talk to these young on the thirties. Who said that, you know, Magic Johnson. All of them other ones need to move over. Because there's a new crop of entrepreneurs coming up. And Israel really intended to help you to jump. Start the dreams of your teenager your kid for Noor..

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