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TV. This guy gets it. You WanNa talk about your role. You WanNa talk about knowing that being a cool. He'll is not a smart idea. Dave how many? How many times over the past? Ten fifteen years do we see heels that WANNA be cool? Oh my God every he'll want to be cool. It's I there's more examples of that and then examples of heels that actually wanted to be hated or he'll supposed to be cool. Now no I mean that that might be very old school mentality. But when I wiggle when I will wrestling down to its bare minimum, it's about the good guys and the bad guys and it's about emotions. and. The two emotions that command pro wrestling our love and hate I wanNA love somebody I want to hate somebody I don't believe in shades of gray. Yeah. Good. Guys do bad things sometimes and bad guys do good things sometimes but I don't want my bad guy to ever do something good unless that good is leading to a monster baby face turn. I want my bad guy to be bad at all times and M J F is a Douche nozzle prick at all times. And it's working and it's clicking and I loved what he had to say because he was able to get under I think everyone skin listen eighty w we talk about a eighty w and things about eighty w that frustrate us right. But their fan base loves it. You know that eighteen to forty nine demographic that they're leading in and crushing it on Wednesday nights loves the way that E W. Does things and he took a shot at all those fans that love that e w style. He talked about the flip flop fly and omos die he talked about that like the the things that you love I'm going to turn that around on you. He was able in that Promo to get over my skin under my skin, your skin, and then also the eighteen year old that's watching at home. And the twenty four year old kid is speaking like a forty two year old veteran. He's basically calling everybody in in eighty w a bunch of spot monkeys who working for the pop and chase him a hug is any YEP. He's basically telling the entire roster to work. which is what you get from a lot of. When they look at the product. I believe I can look at that product objectively because I understand what they're trying to do, and if you go by a ratings point of view for the most part it's working. Because you're there winning the Wednesday night ratings thing aside from a couple of weeks but are they truly? Getting the rating that they should be getting right now. Well, we're going to see week after week after week. You know it's it's. They have a long road ahead of them when it comes to improving their rating. On the already decent rating that they're doing right now. But Man..

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