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And employee at an assisted living facility in Montgomery county for more than a decade is now accused of stealing from some residents. Montgomery county police are investigating maritza Ramirez, who worked at Marion assisted living in brookville for 14 years. She became the focus of an investigation after family members of one assisted living resident reported that multiple items of jewelry and a cell phone were missing from the resident's secured bedroom. Police say they then found evidence during a search of Ramirez's home. She's charged with several counts of theft, investigators say Ramirez does have a long history of selling expensive items at pawn shops, including diamond rings and gold necklaces. Nick eying LAW TOP news. Fairfax county public schools as a new superintendent. It's Michelle Reid and she spoke today with NBC four's Julie Carey about her vision for the future, but she hopes to accomplish After a cross country drive in a rental van with three dogs, Michelle Reed is in position to take over leadership as superintendent of the fairfax county public schools. She says, even though her prior school district is much smaller in size, it shares something with FCP, high expectations. Coming up on news four at 5, read, shares the core values she'll be bringing to her new role. As many of us get ready to get out of town for the holiday weekend, triple-A says, you'll have a lot of company. 48 million Americans say they'll drive or fly more than 50 miles from home between now and Monday. And if you plan to fly, be aware, because there is a bigger chance this year, your flight could be canceled. CBS transportation correspondent Errol Barnett says, if that happens, remember, you have some rights. These mass cancellations are gaining attention on Capitol Hill, senator

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