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Ncw has the potential to be suit here But i think the wise move would be to work with these students and try to find a way to to navigate. This new space of offering scholar more scholarships and having the ability for name magen likeness on occasion you will see in a certain state that the legislature or the state senate is debating name image and likeness legislation for that particular state and everybody gets all excited and the nc double a. Was this conversation to be sort of centralized on the federal level. What does yesterday's ruling do for that. You know really good question and you know. I actually want to call him on this this week and i talked about this debate between federal versus state law. And you know from from a supreme court standpoint. What this case really does is it says. State cannot pass a law or university cannot have a regulation. Aa cannot basically act to restrict athletes for making money. That's a broader interpretation of this narrow interpretation would just be has to can't collude. The limit scholarships right. But i think ultimate was where the discussion is going in the country. I think that it's a broader interpretation. And what it means for states is that regardless of whether a state has a law that says you know we're going to have an i l. regardless of what the aa does. I think this train is moving forward. And i think a lot of these states. Because you know what's going to happen is coming to live. I when he's five or six other states have passed laws like florida. And what have you. Students are gonna start going out and making money. And i just don't think the nc don't is gonna have A legal principle to stand on To challenge that show. I think ultimately just up the market. I think it defines the market a little bit more. And we're gonna see a lot more competition everything that i've read about. This refers to related benefits that the nc double a.'s. No longer going to be able to put a cap on education related benefits. Is there a specific verbiage. Now to me education related benefit would be a laptop or paying for an internship or study abroad program. Something like that. I would imagine if you really wanted to be creative. You could really expand the umbrella to include things that really aren't related to education but the school may say is related to education in order to keep a kid from leaving the school or to come to school to play Collegiate sports That verbiage specifically the the education related benefits. Is there anything. In the court's ruling that places restrictions or limitations on what specifically could be defined as an education related benefit. Yeah that's a good question. And i think that's where the schools and the ncw have to come in and define what that is..

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