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We've got a lot of thank you's. The phones are not only ringing but jingle jangle is getting into the into the kettles. Got Aloha from Plainfield dying from Indianapolis. Yeah, Cynthia from Indianapolis. And we got another Cynthia from Westfield, Gail and John from new pal John and Cynthia. Once again from you know what right now? Comptel. I see a trend developing. You know, I'm a bit of a student of trends and it looks to me like Cynthia is going to carry this thing over our goal. Anyone named Cynthia right now? Get together with other Cindy's and Cynthia's in your life and let's rise above and put the Salvation Army over their goals so they can help our neighbors. And you know what Cynthia some of those neighbors that they help Name Cynthia. There's also a Carol of John and a Doug Carol's from Indianapolis. Jonah's from Plainfield tax. I want high school, John from you're going to claim all of these people from Hendricks County. They moved out of Indianapolis because of you. You don't want drag him back in and don't get Doug. He's from Wilkinson, Indiana. So Okay, Here we go. So let's let's take a look at our top four. Danny, You kind of like males matter. That's right now because you're have you ever heard the thing you're doing it wrong? You're doing it wrong. So, Mel, and you know, Mel, how I am. It's going to take a little bit of time for me to kind of get into the groove, Right? And I just have to remind myself that I've been here on the year since six o'clock yesterday morning, and I haven't eaten yet today, so we're gonna work together. All right, We're gonna get it all done. How much money do we have? So we want to check? Uh, What's the name? The Smith family? It's just this Smith Any. Thank you very much to your family that you give your store. You give everything Mackey and I got to jump in some way. Well, that's very night. Well, let's look at that. Smith family scoreboard right now we stand at $196,468.60. If somebody could please, please. I love the sick donated 40 cents, please. Uh, somebody call and donate even if it's $25 make it $25.40 8777173223 will go slower, 87771732231 more time 8777173223, But there's lots of other ways to do it too. You can also text the word Hoosier. That's with two owes to that is such a surprise. Every year. There's a surprise to me, and that who's your doesn't have three hours and it is just your texting it to 24. 365. That's 24 hours a day, 365 years, But how does it work? I mean, tell me how it works. You Texas Just something on my phone. Oh, golly, I'll be glad to know should use Danny's phone. My phone is busy when I can use pads. I could always you Alright, so, Pat, we're gonna enter the number 24. 365. That's who we're sending the message to okay. And we're gonna type in the word Hoosier with two hos and s I e. R. And then how do you do You know how much I'm gonna give? Well, that's the fun part. I get to make that part up. All right. So it's just thank you for helping the salvation. Also a little bit. They text you back to complete your donation. Click here now. That's where I need your credit card. But we're not gonna do that. But it gives you a link you go to there. There's plenty of time for you to figure out what you're gonna how much you're going to give. You want. Do too. But 12, do you want to 200 do that, even through the text? Yes, because I remember one year it was like a Texas like 10 bucks. It was only 10 bucks. That was the only option. It also go to WNBC radio thought radiothon dot com. Wnbc radio thon dot com. And boom power. Alright, trust the Internet. You don't trust him now, Then you need to call a 77 feeling my information. Three. You could talk to real life human being such as what machine Listening. I know and thanks to our volunteers there, including them Shameless Corporation for Manning those phones. Because we're going to be here until six o'clock tonight or If it's longer. We'll stay longer. He would I call that his Christmas pin. It's that I have to be with your stuff. Four hours a day. I gotta be with you nine hours today, and that's my Christmas penance. And that's how I know that that I'm gonna have a good Christmas. Really? Yeah. Putting up with you. Great, Kenny. I love these. The time that we get speaking. What's a little different today? Said that I'm a little closer view than I'm comfortable with. Because normally we're sitting across the room. You know what I have been with the urologist 12 times this week, and I would rather be by you than the urologist any day of the week, buddy. You don't see assist a scope in your pocket. I don't see anything. I'm just happy to see you, Pet. Well, I'd like Tonto on that note theme. The winner was just this was the 6 a.m. until nine. This is the Indian originals, which is Matt Mills, baby here, so Indian originals price back. That's right. And that was a is a $50 gift card for coaster stone $25 gift card to we dine in the $25 gift certificate to the Greek Islands restaurant. $50 you know what I'm telling you? What for a restaurant to do something right? Even if it's 10 bucks is pretty special. Big George $50 gift card to home spun a $25 gift certificate to Harry and disease..

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