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Arms around you with those sleeves and time off in the backs. You're giving yourself a hog Houdini basely came up with the method. I mean, there's just a sort of standard method for escaping these. But the thing is he would say and to make it even more difficult on myself. I'm going to skate this while I'm upside. Down and they'd tie rope to his legs and hoist them up on a crane, and he'd be dangling the spectacle of him dangling up, you know, against the side of a building, by the way Houdini if you had a choice of venue for this came into the town would make sure that he was hung up right next to the newspaper's office. Right next to outfits of the Houston chronicle. He's doing this for fun market. Yes. The process was was twofold. The first thing was when they were putting the straight jacket on him. Houdini would use a whole bunch of techniques to give himself a whole lot of space inside the straitjacket. You know, is there s they're sort of wrapping his arms, you can sort of hold some of the cloth and pinch it inwards. And then when when they when you let go now, you have a lot more slack. He makes sure to fold his arms over like, not just not one arm more towards his head of more towards, you know, his feet, but to actually fold his arms own standard staggered is. And so then when he moves his arms, he has more slack. See wanna give one at basically make it so in they're putting the Joe also take a huge breath expand your body big your chest as big as you possibly can to give yourself more space and slack to work with then once the jacket is on he. He would take his stronger arm. His right arm, basically to get one arm up over your head because then you can untangle the sleeves and get your sleep in front of you. And so once you do that, then it's just a matter of getting all the the belt sundown. So you wanna give yourself as much slack as possible sin? Get one arm up over your head hanging. Upside down turns out that it's actually a lot. Pulling down your whole body. So to get your arm over your head, all your bones are sort of being pulled down. So it's way easier when you're suspended. To get your hand over your head and in the straitjacket, and when you also probably masks all the wriggling, and you know, or clutching. Yeah. Rushing around, and he's dangling, and he's going left and right. And it looks amazing. Yeah. There's a little bit of trickery in terms of giving yourself as much slack as possible in the methods by which might do that. But like a lot of it was just practicing this series of moves and being able to be get out of it. Yeah. Just the mental focus too of just to stay home and nights panic while that was yes. So I was watching a documentary on this in my favorite people Penn and teller popped up, and and and and they had Penn Jillette explaining and he was just like a straight jacket is meant to restrain somebody that is not in a good state of mind..

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