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Barry was the guy who you know he was. The first guy who said the Federal Reserve was was up. It was going all wrong and I used that Africa's Barry was saying things are getting too expensive businesses slowing down. You have guys on who tell the truth and it's remarkable doctors who like I don't wanNA open heart surgery but if I had to write what what's the balance though you're talking about people's money you see your talking about the people's money and you're giving people tips. What's the balance between entertainment in serious talk because the way I feel like I'm a big gambler right and not don't it was says I can't Campbell of course but you are kind of like you know how we do a show called Barstool sports visors where it's about hamming it up up in having fun in probably a little less about the picks. You obviously are a lot about the picks that information so what's that balance like well look. I think if I don't entertain the people watch the stocks can be inherently boring so we have to work in a lot of jokes that work in a lot of cultural references because Google you can work in Shakespeare beautiful you one you can work in anything baseball anything football the have to so. I would say that obviously the entertainment is probably about twenty five percent because because we got to get people in one of the reasons why I think we've been successful as we recognize we have to entertain. It is a joy to entertain. You get a lot of callers because Eh Sunshine Yo but you know I pal people. That's what they a stream. You're an ice cream chocolate. Oh Hey one time they gave me strawberry. I had the run every time I say. This is strawberry right to the next thing strawberry so it's like you have a bad stock is strawberry right run for galaxy ice cream to know people people now think people used to get you sell them Schmitz. everyone wanted wanted. Schlitt right here like Milwaukee famous right walk. He looks like he take Milwaukee Schlitz Very Jim. who was did you think of a mentor the you had and what lessons did you learn from that mentor? It's my dad. My Dad was all about honesty rigor toughness. My father always wanted wanted me to be the toughest guy. He said you know I know you're not the biggest guy but be the toughest guy and be honest and forthright and I love that because it's true north you never go wrong on whether to do for a living. He sold boxes and bags dealers. Oh man he had a big month in October when he died at ninety two and November turns out he had a big breath in October. I didn't know that the irs came after me sold a lot of box at a lot of bags that the mother before he passed and not yet a huge working all October. I mean like I'm still you know this coun- mm commission. Did you throw away the receipts as pop had a big October but died November right but he had a good good October baseball. Yeah yes ask Mister October. So do you think you'll work to the day like he did. I sure hope so yeah. I sure hope so. There's no slowing down. No no speedup beat up now. It's time of it here everyone else in my my high school classes retiring i. This is the time to really go full throttle right right. Who would you say the three or four or five. Just you know the berries of the world they think are absolute. rockstars investing space in investing space okay so we're going to say is getting Lynch Ran Magellan. He's he was unbelievable. He taught all of us and one on Wall Street is still the best single book ever. What's it called one up on Wall Street. I mean it. It's just a pure joy book i-mode I love it. I like Byron Wean who works at Blackstone own and he's got a tremendous view. is another older gentleman really good. You know about him. He's he's phenomenal. I like Dave Tepper who owns the panthers. He was my boss at Goldman and one time I came down. I wanted to buy sell bonds for this company. Primorac which was an Donovan Company and there was about a thousand people on the floor of the of Goldman Sachs in the bottom floor and I came down. I said listen Dave. He was headed junk stave I'd like to I think I can get a lot of points. Look if I sell these primer bonds and goes everybody. Listen Up. I got a first class jerk who want it's a cell. Primorac bonds and hurt all his customers and make fools of them. What's your name. Assuming Jim Jim Coach's his name is Jim Cramer and he is going to gaff every single customer and this guy is a disgrace. Get off my floor and I said well. Is there any way to redeem myself. He Goes Yup never get off my so he owns the panthers the one of the greatest investors ever stick and a great sense of humor the best years years later. He said he was pretty funny that thing with the pods it's kind of funny talk for me yeah kind of like Jon Stewart Good Yeah how how how was like looking back to the John Stewart. I meet my best yeah. Yeah I look back data's Abbas appearance. You know homerun kind of a home. Rice route is playing football. You're not allowed to invest in the stock market. No no so what do the investing if you don't mind my wife does real estate yeah do that. We have a lot of real estate real state. A lot of real estate held real estate bars yeah restaurants. It's re this so I'm I'm. I don't play the stock market the stock market. It's a foreign language to me. Okay I inherently in the cynic in me thinks it's raked look. I think that's a great question because often I have a piece tonight that talks about a subtle little rigging. It's I think it's rigged for the big guys first of all when I say that most stocks costs a thousand dollars Russell Wilson buys stock for Amazon Zahn Stock First Offensive Line's great little guy can't afford that right and so to me they should split the stocks and allow little guys in that's why I say it's rigged toward the big guys because these stocks that are thousand Bucks Alphabet Google thousand. Two hundred bucks. We'll you know that just keeps out the little guy they used to split these stocks so that the little little guy could own stock they had made it so it's too expensive per share now what they'll say. Oh give me a break. It doesn't matter it's you know it's all the same company but that is to me away to keep the little guy out instead. They make them being all these. ETF's they should own stocks and ETF's. Also I mean they used they used to be the Franklin. Roosevelt said we shouldn't allow the shortsellers to bang down stocks. We got rid of that too so a lot of the smart guys banged down stocks now. You're loud the short. I'm not against that but these are the things that make us for. The little guy gets scared. FLASH CRASH LITTLE GUY GETS SCARED December. The market goes bad little guy gets here so they're just scared and we need to protect them and one of the things I try to do and money's protect the little guy because the little guys can be a big guy if you don't drive them out the little guy can go by Amazon two hundred bucks or by Apple. It's fifty but no no no. I mean they've made it so that the dollar amounts are so big that little shopping streets they. I can't buy a tenth of a share now. They do have these little things where you can buy shares but but they're not right in Berkshire hathaway because that's that's a great example era. That's a great example stock was at two hundred bucks when I started to go out and that was a reasonable and the and then it goes to one hundred thousand regular person can't quote houses so I think it's rigged in the sense that big boys have an edge. At what are you invest in. I don't know what I'm saying like. I don't really invest in anything A-ROD CORTO public. I inherently think that it's especially you know obviously the crash happens in two thousand nate and then nothing changes and and everyone stays in power and all the rich people can make you know that's the Gatien of what happened now when they when they had the crash of eighty seven there was a big treasury investigation and we found exactly who were the bad guys know investigation. The government plays no role. The exchanges changes are absent. This must stop the government must get involved to protect in. Milken was one of the few that got in trouble. I know an awful lot of pizza and a lot of good cinde rebel. Abo- with cancer over one hundred million dollars major league baseball eight it back he all the way to me. He is redeemed himself and he's a good man and we need the government to be involved to protect checked a little so how how do how do people our listeners who are probably more like me than they are like a rod and I mean that in terms of you know our pocketbooks folks. Chechen more money okay with the CBS cable to see how do how does someone who's like me or younger than me a millennial be like hey look. I WANNA play the stock stock market. I've no no fucking idea what to do and guess what I think. It's rigged. Well Okay so you look at long-term. It's not rig so what you do is you buy. I was in when I lived in my car which she was not exactly a great time although as a chick magnet thing your place or mine and put in the left Mesa we'll put it off. We'll have somebody that somebody I really don't need it. All shares index you buy the Shares Index Fund and then in overtime that really does work and it'd been great for me away from my kids. Even when I was living my car put under house wage month would my was was a detriment to a lot aww I liked but I was born and and been robbed and everything but I still had money to invest in so you take a longer term view yes short-term. It does feel very rigged right and I think that's an important thing and putting away money every month because I think that's something that probably my generation does not and that's what they have to do and I know that it seems like a boring thing but if you put it away every month it does compound because like you take stock like Pepsi. They keep playing dividend paying dividend paying dividend. They've doubled their dividend ten years. That's a great stock to own. If you've done your index rex fun maybe buy one hundred shares Pepsi. I mean that kind of thing. I've got a lot of stocks that I recommend and I feel very strongly. That investing is for everybody but people have have to recognize that if they don't have the time or inclination they should do index yeah so jim a little rapid fire because I I think in round yeah and it has to be one word it can be you just a short central on some of these. CEOS Warren Buffett best in show Jamie diamond unbelievable radio really smart. Dan Loeb Clever Can Griffin Rich Jeff Basil's brilliant Elon Musk Weirdo. Oh sorry I born born in last one mark Zuckerberg nefarious because he'd sell you sell your name you'd sell any he's probably sold me while I'm talking right to the Russians Chilean probably soldier the comms what is like vesting in in a company that you might not morally agree with what they do. I mean for instance. I won't let people I always say about Philip. Morris Altria say now right. They like life's too short. Just not gonNA recommend those guys. I mean Cole. No thank you I got enough trouble so if you're a young listener and what you have many and everyone in my staff by the way I hide my staff because my staff never misses you. Thank you thank you but let's just say Jim. I said Jim had a million dollars explained to me. How how you would diversify that across the board okay so if you could invest this if you can't is that yes if you could invest in this late in the cycle. Okay well what I would do. it depends on your age. If you're in your fifties and sixties you went eighty percent in the stock market index for twenty twenty. Oh my you want to be as aggressive as possible awesome..

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