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You know two three x yeah so at one point because you now that you were going to quit era in to hide your care fulltime job you actually still on on oftentimes at of negative experiences positive outcomes counting on and the avenues occur the company that i was working for ratifying ding and my wife my sort of looked at each other and said hey i think we could make a run at this on our own and in two thousand one was started by first company that it would cause serious company hosts called media bakery down let's kinda how enforcing you have an experienced and no industry by part of that i had worth ninety five for a company called the image branca and in the stock votto business of almost twenty years ago transparencies were the leading waiting which image buyers or art buyers got access to photos and the image bank was subsequently acquired by getty images before they actually launched their first website only ninety the do you think it from ferrying for inspiring entrepreneurs tell work for another company in the industry they wanted me and our yeah i think everyone's path unfolds in different ways but certainly um entrepreneurs who took the length of what they want to do if it's a entrepreneur who wants to build a very big business where they have to raise capital against it certainly having that fortune 500 of that traditional business experience uh shaped acumen and i think that's a really critical uh growth component what we're some of those steps starting your own a lot of guts a lot of fear or you know you have to overcome your fear but once you commit to an idea and i'm sure you heard compared to other entrepeneurs talk about this you start sharing that idea with others and it's almost fighter you so deeply vet you might have been confiding a friend to say you have this idea and then the more that you pray actress that the more the idea shapes you hear the feedback and you alternately take the plunge and start that business but the one of the earliest tips i think that we can share with an audience that is that in fact you.

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