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I think they pass it have you ever clip for people i do that if a clip i feel like us to be able to wear what i won't went out well however many times i won't is not about for breeze the oh on the red carpet for girls trip in my halting they told me tiffany you cannot wear that dress on s the meal you already wart is taboo to where it's wife and i i'll give a bank about no taboo i spent a lot of money on the stress caused alexander mcqueen okay the dollar address i wear distrust multiple so that's definitely had it on us that she were that dress well presenting with my rudolph and so late that she wore that dress she do she wore multiple times and the best thing is she didn't wear it on the red carpet either she with his a beautiful tradition traditional eritrean dress i'm that she said was an honor father who passed away last year he was from eritrea and everything about tiffany hadish is good and that is why i want to talk about her all the time especially now there's no funny isn't that beautiful isn't that something so endearing seemed witness knows you did in the oscar yeah it's called like a who wouldn't alexander mcqueen here i mean i wish i i'm wearing it right now i wrote my own version i resume ira i wear the shirt three times a week i can't even tell you often i wear this cardigan so typically how to good yes sped this week armie hammer ono showed up for the oscars with a raging stomach flu armie hammer from called me by your name one of the week ovalles from the social network yes and he had a semeck who this weekend he posted on instagram and he was too sick to attend the independent spirit awards or through the day before the oscars and he wanted to get it together for the oscars so he posted a photo of him getting an iv right before going to the awards show i mean.

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