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That was amazing. What said computer is a humble companion follows. It follows all of your instructions. That is so that was an amazing. There was something worth writing down. That's a great quote because one. It's so i mean you cut right to the chase. A computer does what you ask it to do right or your what you tell it to do but it also flies in the face of what so many other people who aren't don't have the same mindset as you is like the computer is always messing with you. You know it's like the computer's not your companion. It's your nemesis. Maybe so thank you for sharing that. I wrote that down. I'm gonna use that. Were your parents then. Would they think when you decide to leave. Sort of a you. Got a good job at oracle. It sounds like right out of school. That sound safe and you know on the right path and then you decided to do this. Startup was at okay or was that How is that. How is that perceived. Yeah so i did best waters by you know sort of painting a story of a friend who did leave the company and i got very you know. I would say unfriendly responses i. My parents were not very supportive of my friends. Decision court right. Yeah so so. I then decided to not even reveal to my parents that i've decided to start a company and then at least two months into my journey i did not even that i would just Impact living with maintenance but then on an automatic alerting them on board in. You know a jackets. It will always be ordinal operatives going on and everything is mine and my betas got to know when one of the leading newspapers economic times in india. Dig my startup as one of the innovative. Start the threat to me. And michael ponder the sort of featured on the startup section and that is when my bitter scott to know that. I quit my job and i'm pursuing something. So then they were less. I would say. I you know i would say agree. They did. They did appreciate that. I'm doing something worth pursuing. But then they did warn me around the risk of offered and they did you did. They do I would say the duty of at least diving me that how. I'm lying or a deadline. By which distracted license or something. Okay so that's a. That's an interesting strategy. You sort of floated out as a friend of mine and sort of wait for the advice and then you did it and didn't tell them but the news. The the sounds like the article in the newspaper. Sorta provided validation like the. Maybe the kids got a good idea here and like it.

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