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Party from a virus that could attack it he has a i think a really important thing to watch for the congress and for china moving the is how much more emphasis the party puts on this anticorruption campaign they've already taken down a huge number of very important acts and current officials including recently some unnamed swimtrunks high who is a politburo member that many thought word as to the standing committee so it's going to be he really fascinating and important to see whether or not she feels that there are still tigers highranking officials that he really needs to take down or if he's going to shift his priorities elsewhere this party congress is supposed to decide the roadmap for china for the next five years what can we i expect i think it's important to remember as we're thinking about that that china is a huge and very complicated place and the party's control is imperfect so what while the party is going to talk about things like playing a bigger role in the global stage and continuing a fight against corruption and and our fight against poverty and probably talk about improving the environment as well we we can get a general sense of where the parties going but a lot of the details might not be borne out by reality possibly because there too difficult for the party to do possibly because the party shifts priorities or possibly because the party is saying member doesn't actually mean them in the first place so do you think it's more about what we've achieved as the party rather than let's not get into too many details details about the next five years i think it's really about the abdic's here and majan tree and this ceremony this is now the party wants this to appear hera like a well oiled machine they want people watching this to thank our okay the communist party has got it we don't have to be worried this is all just one manicured transition from one team of leaders to another team of leaders but it's all the same thing and we can rest assured.

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