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Decision to step away. A lot of it. You've talked about it a lot. But is it an immediate thing? Do you wake up one day and say, you know, if I want to be a good father to these kids, I gotta stop or is this something you think about for a while. Well, I mentioned earlier I I grew up not knowing my dad, and I felt that. I could not reconcile the world that I had known as a singer songwriter as a recording artist as someone completely dedicated to his career being able to be present every day with my children because it's not a nine to five job. It's very ego century focused, selfish profession, and that's not a short term about being a musician. But for me. You have to be very very focused the reality the reality. And so something had to give. And and I definitely did not want to be tourist data. I wanted to be there every day for my kids and. That doesn't make me a super died. It just means that. My kids know that. I was there. I hear that. You're you didn't raise your kids with them knowing how famous you are. I mean, they never saw me. Do it. Right. Never saw me perform so. Yeah. When they were little kids, they they had no idea, and as they got older some of their friends would start asking questions and my three daughters all trained in tennis. We were tennis family, and we would travel around they'll do their tournaments and sign ever came on the radio. You never you. Never played said. Hey, guys, you want to hear, you know. Yeah. But when they started to get in their teams, they started hearing songs and some songs but come on the radio, and then they see daddy's radio smiling and stuff. But it was really like wasn't what I did. You know, they knew that I was running songs for other people. And they knew that I had a record company with music Canada. And I was gonna try and nurturing or some other up and coming artists, but. Well, they sent me home every day. Why? Now, even very gracious talking to your career after this point. But why is it time for new music? Now, you should ask that question because he's the great, Bob. Absolutely. I mentioned my first two producers still chime in and John Ashley who were remarkable and taught me so much. And now, I've just experienced another master I described Bob Israel, and we met a year ago at a fundraiser. And I was performing a couple of songs unplugged just that just a piano, and when I got off the stage, she I'd never met him before. And he grabbed me by the arms, and he said because you're you're good. What have you been doing where where have you been and I pointed to the table because my children were there, and my wife, and I said I've been busy doing that. And he said, I'm going to call you. We're gonna talk talk, and he looked over to my kids and my kids were like saying did good. And we'd struck up a friendship, and he was very pivotal in convincing me that it was time because I respect them. Great deal. Was it a heard is it hard to convince you? Well, it was twenty years since I made a record. So I guess I guess I guess at magically seemed to be twenty years is the time frame. But once I started I was going to do it. The songs just poured out of me ahead of the field that he's acting. They're making music against I loved it. Yeah. I had so much fun. I loved it. Curse your musician, man, even doing this as you were like eleven years old. I understand that..

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