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Am austin five ninety am and k two five nine aj austin time's up for harvey weinstein i'm dave anthony fox news the former hollywood producers surrendered to police in new york city this morning facing six charges including rape and sexual abuse involving two women the first criminal case against weinstein amid dozens of accusations he was just taken away in handcuffs to court he will post bail it's an already agreed upon amount of one million dollars at which point he will be released but he is not totally free of course he will be wearing a monitoring device to track his whereabouts he has to surrender his passport robert moses with fox five tv in new york there's a man hunt and canada for two men who bombed a restaurant fox's jeff monosso following this live david improvised explosive device ripped through the bombay bell indian restaurant in mississauga in suburban toronto round ten thirty last night he during fifteen to three critically i'll man hunt now underway wearing hoodies received entering the restaurant with an i e the men were seen fleeing the scene immediately following the explosion restrict jennifer evans says the best gatien into the motive continues this just a month after the toronto van attack that killed ten people and injured fourteen day from jeff north korea's urging president trump to reconsider the dante cancelled a meeting with kim jong un a north korean official also praised the president for making the bold decision to even consider such talks in the president just tweeted it was a warm and productive statement we will soon see where will leave as he keeps pushing for north korean denuclearization the president also said democrats are rooting against us ever house minority leader nancy pelosi said kim was the big winner when he got this letter from the president signed.

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