Stephen Miller, Facebook, President Trump discussed on San Diego's Morning News with Ted and LaDona


Today a chance person, perhaps light rain Friday night into Saturday morning, 77 on the coast today. 87 inland 79 in the mountains and one loaf or in the desert right now. Downtown, Cloudy and 67 degrees. Kogan views Times. 7 42, Another top administration official who works closely with the president has tested positive for covert 19. We get more From journals. Scott Senior presidential adviser Stephen Miller is the latest to register a positive Corona virus test. White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany, who is also in isolation because of a covert diagnosis, confirmed the news. Two foxes Martha MacCallum. He has been self quarantining for five days but nevertheless tested positive. Based on a prior exposure. I talked to him Just before coming to air and he's doing well. Miller boarded Marine one last Wednesday with another top adviser, Hope Hicks, who is also covert positive. He also reportedly had access to the president the day of the first presidential debate. Co. Two years time. 7 43 Q and on accounts are getting booted from Facebook. The social network says it will no longer be allowed on its platforms starting Tuesday, and they've already started removing content. This is a step up from a previous policy from August when Facebook said it would only get rid of Cuban on accounts. Talking about violence that led to roughly 1500 pages, groups and profiles getting scrubbed. The company believes it had to restrict the ability of Cuban on and militarized Social movements to operate and organized on its platform..

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