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The AI technology that's needed to combat hate on a global scale What do you think I think we have three areas we need to regulate and they need to cover not just Facebook but all of technology We need to have safety regulations Something that functions like the FDA that sits there and says wait a minute Facial recognition deep fakes have no valid commercial use They shouldn't be allowed in the market until they prove a valid use The same way would be true of the pharmaceutical And companies like Google and YouTube and Instagram and Facebook would have to make changes in their business practices to make them safe for people And that would be something that this FDA like thing would look at every year The second area is privacy This whole notion that companies are allowed to use data to manipulate the choices and behavior of people That is really not an American idea I mean it's basically taking away to self determination So it's like child labor it's the sort of thing that we should ban out right And then thirdly on antitrust I think the rope thing is to allow for competition To me if you're going to break them up that comes downstream But first you have to open up markets and prevent companies from monopolizing the way everything takes place in the economy You saw what happened when Facebook went down The millions of small businesses depend on Facebook or shut down by that And that's what monopolies do and that's not good Roger elevation partners roger mcnamee always appreciate you joining us to talk about this We could talk about it for hours I'm gonna have to let you go but appreciate you taking the time to stop by and continuing to help us break down these very complex issues Coming up no interest in Pinterest PayPal says it's not pursuing an acquisition of the social platform We.

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