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Happen today to o'clock, but on the other hand it may not happen as you may. Know I sent a missive to the governor. Saying you know what what about bowling alleys. as far as opening they're not Jim specifically, and we have a great bowling structure in the tri-state from Erlanger. Middletown all places in between and Tony Bender loves the his finger, many bowling balls, and he's thrown seventeen three hundred games, which is amazing, seventeen three hundred games, my high scores like twenty five, so there's a whole bowling structure in the tri-state, not being served because they're not Jim I wanted to check in with one of the great proprietors of the tri-state when it comes to bowling, and that is Mike Ray at Madison Bowl and Mike at Madison Bowl. Welcome to the bill, Cunningham, show and Mike Houria. How are you going good? Let's go back in time to like November December. There was a party at Madison Bowl. I found myself they're throwing a ball summer. Someone got a hold of me. You knew somebody and I showed up in congratulated some guy on his fortieth birthday, and it was a party and he was happy. I didn't know who they were, but somebody asked me just to show up. I did because that's the Kinda guy that I am. And it was packed in stock people running around like crazy people having fun. You can't do that anymore. What's happening today here? We are the Middle May Memorial Day weekend. What's happening at Madison Bowl? right now, nothing. We have no. Clue or have had no type of Contact with the governor. None of the centers have. The bowling centers in Ohio were classified as far as tourism and travel tourism. And tourists. Yes so you're saying there's people showing up from Holland now want to come in and tour the inside of Madison Bowls Tourism. We were classified as not as sport. Really, which is one of the first things from the truth the governor's board has bowling centers in travel and Tourism Advisory Group. And there is not one single solitary person from the industry in Ohio on that Board to report to the governor. How much money has your group contributed to the dewine used campaigns? We that'd be zero. Yes we I believe that the governor was doing the right thing when this first started. But to not communicate, and we are one of the only industries that has no say so. We have over two hundred sixty centers in Ohio. We have twenty four centers in Cincinnati, area We have one of the longest existing hall of fame in the area. and. We have no.

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